Wednesday, March 4

somewhere over the rainbow x

i've decided my posts this week have been a little sad, and so this one will be cheerier......

following yesterday's rain there has been bright sunshine.....i didn't see a rainbow, but it was the perfect day for one....why is it that the sight of a rainbow makes me feel like a small child again?

the rainbow that fell through a hole in a cloud, by shastadaisy on flickr

this made me think about "the wizard of oz"'s the 70th anniversary of this film this year - can you believe it was made in 1939? i love this film, and what girl doesn't want her own pair of ruby slippers.....x

somewhere over the rainbow sung by judy garland

"there's no place like home......there's no place like home.....there's no place like home"

ruby slippers (from the cherry blossom girl)

ruby slippers (from mkendall @ etsy)

ruby slippers (from beccalicious @ flickr)

goodbye oz.....x

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  1. Oh how I love this movie!!! :o) Have a nice rest-weekend! greetings from germany, geisslein


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