Saturday, January 30

je suis malade...xx

not feeling too good....i think i'm missing paris - the only cure to return & live there in a wonderful apartment & spend the weekends browsing the markets and the museums and....

photo friends think it's just a cold

hope to feel better tomorrow & share some stories & photos of paris

happy weekend xx

Thursday, January 28

123 elysees...xx

paris was was so cold, but bright & sunny at the same time...didn't find the time to do half of the things we wanted, but found some gorgeous new shops & saw lots of lovely things...

the hotel we stayed in was one of the nicest i've found in can you go wrong with pistachio, lavender & candy pink velvet covered sofas & chairs, a huge feather covered lightshade in the lobby, and a path of led lights embedded into black&white tiles and worn wooden flooring...

123 elysees
123 rue de faubourg saint honore

more tomorrow

Monday, January 25

au revoir...xx

did i mention i'm going to paris?
did i mention how excited i am about going to paris?

windowsillinmonmatre by danske

i am....

....very excited x

cafeaulaitnearperelachaise by danske

i will be back on thursday with tales of shopping, fabulous architecture, & drinking copious amounts of cafe au lait in kerbside cafes


Sunday, January 24

i heart......x

....this gorgeous leather chair

(gorgeous) vintage leather armchair from *rose&grey*

a lot

i have a little space created by a chair sold on ebay
sold chair for £210.00
this chair £795.00


hope your weekend has been a lovely one

Saturday, January 23

vintage lace & chocolate cake x

have spent a wonderful afternoon browsing ebay for lovely vintage crochet doilies, old lace tablecloths and other gorgeous vintage cloths.......buying lovely things for very little money.....perfect! and then after the spending, the baking....very yummy chocolate cake....

and now.....watching *memoirs of a geisha*

till tomorrow

Wednesday, January 20


....i'm going to paris next, so excited, as i havn't been for such a long time (well, ok, havn't been for a year!) just a short 2 day trip, but determined to cram in as much as possible...

i would like to shop at merci, colette & ventilo's, take a trip to laduree for macarons & angelina's for hot chocolate, seek out button & ribbon shops, and there are about a dozen shops from pia's lovely book *paris: made by hand* that i would love to visit.....oh, and cover all the childrenswear shops in paris for work.....

i can't wait

i hope you all have found something to look forward to this week

Sunday, January 17


....will i'm sure make my crocheting technique a little better....i think perfection might be aiming a little high, especially as i think i'm still making things up as i go along!

a busy but lovely sunday spent shopping for snowdrop bulbs, picking up paint charts & wallpaper swatches, a little bit of cleaning, tidying and washing, lots of cupcake making & of course a little crocheting....

hope your weekend has been lovely
wishing a you a lovely start to the week ahead

Saturday, January 16

shopping list saturday......whiter shade of pale x

the snow has gone, washed away in a deluge of rain.....slightly wistful, the garden looks so much sadder without it's blanket of white, but i know i'll be thankful when i'm on my way to work on monday morning.....

a day spent shopping, & tackling granny square completed, although to call it a square might be stretching the truth a little, but will perservere....

hadn't done a shopping list for a while now, but have found so many lovely things on etsy that i wanted to share them...

top...vintage faux fur coat from persephonevintage
next...antique silver sari rose from hapitat

next...old french advertisement cushion cover from marley&lockyer
bottom...moments in white & lets eat by tartlette

the saturday shopping list was started by charlotte at fancy picnic so pop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope your weekend will be just lovely

Wednesday, January 13

a cluster of lovliness x

it feels like it will never stop snowing....i think we are in a permanent state of snowiness....white, deep, and lovely....(unless you actually need to step foot outside)....

i had a lovely surprise in my *cluster* has been chosen to go on *lovely clusters*....

sewing box
all details here

lovely clusters is a website showcasing handmade & vintage pieces from artists & designers around the world and links to their shop will find a lot of etsy sellers here, it's another great way of finding lovely things amongst the hundreds and hundreds of things sold there....

a couple of my favourite new finds are *tina crespo* whose photography is so beautiful, and *hula gypsy* who make purses decorated with gorgeous vintage brooches... thank you to rachel for choosing my choices....

have a lovely day

Monday, January 11

knit 1 purl 1 x

another monday, another blanket of snow....hope you've had a good start to your week....i'm feeling very lucky to have another week on holiday from work (although i am popping in for a quick meeting tomorrow!) and am going to make the most of each day....

....inspired by all you creative lovelies i have taken up the knitting needles again, lovely new cath kidston knitting needles, currently working their way through a cream cable cushion cover....i had ambitiously wanted to start with a cable throw but thought it might be a little more realistic to start with something a little smaller....

handknit lace accent pillow by frenchpressknits via etsy

....i also want to learn how to crochet, properly, i have a vague recollection of sitting "crocheting" when i was younger, in fact i think i was just repeating the same stitch over & over with no real goal in mind....but i love the granny chic cushion covers & squares from the lovely emma lamb and would love to have a few of my own scattered around the house.....

off now to brave the snowy roads for dinner with friends

Sunday, January 10

a snowy, snuggly sunday x

a lovely sunday spent
listening to lily & nora, baking fruit teabread, and cupcakes, making more lovely cards, buying vintage buttons, ribbons & lace, reading vintage inspirations, and watching the snow still falling in the garden

enjoy the last moments of your weekend

Saturday, January 9

a winter fairytale x

it's snowing still
all is white


i stumbled across these beautiful photos

winter fairytale
by loretoidas at *all things beautiful*

whether you have sun or snow i hope your saturday was truly lovely

Thursday, January 7

neat & tidy x

it has been so so cold today....another day tucked up in the house, although supplies (a.k.a chocolate) are running low, so will be venturing out tomorrow....

have had a fun afternoon making cards....have been thinking for a while now of opening my own etsy shop, inspired by all the fun and creativity so many of you show.....oh and the drawfulls of vintage crockery & linens that i'd forgotten were squirrelled away in the house & found whilst cleaning....any tips & advice greatly appreciated?

will leave you today with this delightfully cute suitcase, used to organise stationary & all sorts...

seen at *we heart it*

i can't seem to find the original source for this....if anybody could help?

wishing you a lovely end to the week

Wednesday, January 6

snow x

a very belated happy new year to everyone.....i've had a lovely few days away from my laptop, and am now enjoying the deluge of snow that has arrived from the warmth & comfort of home. the supplies are in, the heatings turned up, cup of hot chocolate in hand and plenty to do here....

images from here & here

when there's snow on the ground,
i like to pretend i'm walking on clouds
quote from *animal crossing* by takayuki ikkaku, arisa hosaka & toshihiro kawabata

have a lovely day