Sunday, May 31

glamping x

glamping: luxury camping, boutique camping, camping in style

i have never had a great desire to go back to nature and go camping or caravanning
this beautiful weather does make you want to make the most of every moment outdoors
taking a look at these fantastically beautiful tents may make me change my mind

complete with floral bunting
vintage style radio
fur throws & floral cushions
tea lights, lanterns and fairy lights

jollydays luxury camping

hoping you've had a wonderful weekend

Saturday, May 30

shopping list saturday....a sunny day x

back in the garden again today
the sun is shining


today i will be

mowing the lawn
the old lawnmower by phototheresa

tidying the greenhouse
so i can plant tomatoes & lettuces & herbs
biodegradable seedling newspaper pots by rushofwings

deciding which flowers to plant in the garden
simple daisies
hello daisy by leaca

circle of life by kristybee

gorgeous hellebores
pale hellebore by littlebirdstudio

or blousy hydrangeas
linen hydrangea by littlebluebirdstudio

then i'll be doing the laundry
fresh laundry by jincabird

and lastly treating myself to delicious cupcake
sweet vanilla mini cupcakes by thecupcakemint

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope your saturday is just how you want it to be

Tuesday, May 26

and so to bed x

it's been a really busy few days, with both lots to do at work and on my house....all i'm looking forward to tonight is catching up on some much needed sleep....

and how inviting does this look?
cozy by misskb


Monday, May 25

merci x

i read about *merci* in this month's elle decoration, and cannot wait to take a trip to paris to visit....

....more than just a store, it was opened by marie-france & bernard cohen, founders of the gorgeous childrenswear label *bonpoint*, it's layout it more reminiscent of a sells both contemporary and vintage items, homeware, clothing, gifts, has a florist, and a cafe, which is housed in a library of new & used books....

....but the absolute best thing about this store is the amazing philanthropic attitude of the owners, who are giving all profits generated by the store to children's charities in madagascar......x

find *merci* at 111 boulevard beaumarchais, 75003, paris

Sunday, May 24

cheers, beards and banjos x

there is a girl
living in the wheat fields of oklahoma
who fell in love with the country & morning light

miss lamb now has many other loves in her life
dresses, suspenders, kind men with beards, banjos
she lives at *the hollow tree*

and captures her life in the most beautiful

*endeavour and ever*

*a garden causes seeds to grow* * harmonicas and honey*
*better than a basket* *all the rest*

*green with words unsaid*

*the banjo that grew* *plum jam for a house*
*lull* *gracious in goodness*

*well versed*

*picnic tables and monarch afternoons*

miss lamb also likes to tell tales
the sea, the surge and the seamstress: a story about salt & morning

about a seamstress named astoria & a fisherman named liam

see her wonderful website here
see more photos there
read about her farm life here
listen to her tales of farm life there


Saturday, May 23

shopping list fingers x

another saturday, another shopping list

our england is a garden, and such gardens are not made
by singing....*oh, how beautiful!* and sitting in the shade,
while better men than we go out, and start their working lives
at grubbing weeds from gravel paths with broken dinner knives
rudyard kipling, from *the glory of the garden* 1911

the tree houses by corid

heirloom daisy seeds from sevenacrewoods

wheelbarrow by larrynicosiaphotography

how does.....wall doilies by dottieangel

edith summer apron by dottieangel

through the garden gate by emmalynne

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope you are enjoying a lovely's been such a lovely sunny day today
i have had gardners in to clear the jungle that i have laughingly pretended was a garden
so i now have a wonderfully clear space to fill with beautiful flowers and pots and hanging baskets
and a nearly empty greenhouse to fill with homegrown tomatoes, lettuce and herbs
bye bye for now

race for life x

my lovely friend jane is running the *race for life* this year

please, please, please
no matter how little you can spare
donate here
if you can

thank you
thank you
thank you

Thursday, May 21

the flower show x

some of my favourite photos, from flickr, from the chelsea flower show

emma bridgewater chelsea flower show pottery by tim parry

floral birdcage by bonnevillekid

strawberry colander by lovedaylemon

watering can by fobgoblin

the fenland alchemist garden by lovedaylemon

the pilgrims rest by lovedaylemon

pottering in north cumbria by fobgoblin

jacobs ladder garden by lovedaylemon

a touch of france garden by michaelgrahamhowe

love these cottage style gardens
wish i could have visited


Wednesday, May 20

green fingers x

the last trip up the garden path was a whimsical look at gardening, but look below at some of the gorgeous things you can actually buy to help your gardening experience a little more special.....