Friday, May 15

fashion friday *erdem* x

after taking a break last week, fashion friday is back, this week with the young british designer erdem....

spring 09
dresses in french lace, dappled pastel tinted watercolours of anemones and irises
add a twist
an orange ribbon clashingly threaded through an ice blue lace edwardian dress

*....soft and hyper-romantice, easy but a bit surreal at the same time....*

a midsummer night's dream

all photos from

fall 2009
the girl moves from the meadows of the summer
* she's visited nightclubs and gone home on the bus....*

stunning silk dresses & sculpted silhouettes
short doll-like empire lines
with puffed up skirts
styalised red, purple, black crysanthemums

the cutest ankle boots

utterly romantic

all photos from

wishing you a fashionable friday

ps. this is my 100th time flies!
here's to the next 100

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  1. Such a gorgeus dresses! So feminine and romantic. The spring collection is wonderful!
    I want you to know that I really appreciate your comment and I'm really happy that you are following my blog. Thank you sooo much!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend.


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