Saturday, May 2

shopping list saturday.....lace & loveliness x

no real theme for this weeks list
just a selection of lovely things i've saved as favourites this week
bayeux lace necklace by foxandclover

the letter s by kelsyhenke

vintage lace bunting by ravenhill

angel by tuscanystudios

dress by maisiebrownretrorepro

a day at the museum by janeheller

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

today i have a diy day planned, removing the bath out of the bathroom, trying to make a decision about tiles; cheaper mosaic tiles or the more expensive, but so much lovelier, pretty, pearly mosaic tiles....?

anyway, hope your saturday is off to a sunny start & hope you've got lovely plans for sunday....x


  1. beautifully simple and soft list! love the colors... good luck with the bathroom project!

  2. i like that pretty lace necklace at the very beginning and the dress is lovely too. Great list.

    Hope you got that bath out with out too much trouble!

  3. that angel is so beautiful! Hope your bathroom project goes well and is not stressful. Sure it will be lovely when its all done!

  4. Oh I just love this to pieces! I heart lace..
    Sophie x


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