Tuesday, May 1

liberty & DM's x

following their collaboration with nike, today liberty launch a collection with Dr.Martens.  bringing together two great heritage brands, with a theme of *wild nature*, the small collection celebrates some of liberty's most classic floral prints, combining them with the classic, functional & yet slightly rebellious design of Dr.Martens.

i've never owned a pair of DM's, although given the appalling weather they would prove incredibly practical at the moment, & i think i could be swayed by a really pretty floral print.

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Monday, April 30

ted baker blooms x

a little bit of window shopping today led to the discovery of these beautiful pieces from the latest ted baker collection ~ lovely photographic florals gracing 50's style dresses & the cutest clutch ~ so very very lovely.....

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Sunday, April 29

sunday x

{photos by me}

my sunday
making paper garlands, making paper origami hearts, staying out of the rain, making a comforting rice pudding, catching up on some reading

sharing some lovely links from lovely places
~ some very pretty pins ~
~ some more very pretty pins ~
~ yummy looking roasted strawberry muffins ~
~ spring blossom giving hope that summer's on it's way ~
~ some wonderful shots of london ~

enjoy the rest of the weekend

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Friday, April 27

mt magic x

{all images from mt masking tape}

i've noticed a thread in my posts this week, which seem to have been japan related, so today seemed the perfect day to share something i've had bookmarked to share for a while....the amazing images from the mt expo which took place in tokyo last year.  i first spotted this over at *paper social*, who shared lovely images from another fab blog *hello sandwich*.

i've had a bit of a washi tape obsession ever since my first visit to tokyo a few years ago & have jars of lovely tapes sitting in front of me at the moment ~ although stocks are running a little low at the moment...eeeek! ~ the expo looked so much fun & i can't imagine how much money i'd have spent if i'd been there.

did you know that mt have their own channel on youtube?  well they do & amongst lots of lovely crafty ideas they have a great time lapse video showing the covering of the mini in the top pics....take a look *here* & lots more videos *here*

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Thursday, April 26

masao yamamoto x

beautiful photography from japanese photographer masao yamamoto
so atmospheric & almost haunting

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Sunday, April 22

softly, by the sea x


"so fine was the morning except for a streak of wind here and there that the sea and sky looked all one fabric, as if sails were stuck high up in the sky, or the clouds had dropped down into the sea"
{virginia woolf ~ to the lighthouse}

a treasury of lovely things for a sometimes sunny sunday

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Friday, April 20

the best brunches in paris x

i think that i must keep my subscription to *my little paris* simply to torment myself with all the things i could do in paris if i visited more/lived there....but if you are planning a trip in the near future it's a great resource for restaurants, bars, new shop openings & general things to do that you probably wouldn't stumble across yourself.....

being a complete breakfast addict, I loved yesterday's email....*the best brunches in paris*, sharing sixteen venues for brunch, from the *trendy brunch* & the *brunch at the market* to the more exotic *lost in bombay*....but my favourite has to be the *bookworm heaven* set in an old library ~ sounds truly heavenly

off to book the Eurostar...

for now

Thursday, April 19

a little gift x

{all photos by me}

a little while ago i made rocky road for the girls at work which seemed to be a big hit {girls & chocolate ~ you can't really go wrong can you?}, so when one of the lovely assistants decided to wing her way to pastures new this seemed a fitting *good luck* present ~ oh, and the fact that none too subtle hints were dropped when i'd seen her the week before....

the recipe is a version of one from the lovely people at Hummingbird Bakery with a few additions & omissions...

*rocky road*
take around 5 or 6 medium size bars of chocolate
{i always use a mixture of milk & dark chocolate}

add the following

1 packet of maltesers
1 packet of biscuits
{i love malted milk but choose your favourite & crush them roughly}
a couple of handfuls of raisins
{you can now count this as 1 of your 5-a-day....honest}
3 or 4 handfuls of marshmallows
{chop them in quarters}
& lastly
5 or 6 mars bars
{this might seem a lot but the original recipe called for 8!}


pour onto a baking sheet lined with greaseproof
muffin tins lined with cake liners for individual portions

scatter with some mini marshmallows & chocolate sprinkles

chill until set

eat & enjoy

the rocky road made it's way in a pretty tin & i couldn't resist adding some washi tape flags & a pretty tag, oh, and of course lots of pink ribbon......yum, this post has made me peckish....

for now