Tuesday, March 31

bright week *sweet treats* x

just a quick post today...........i featured one of catherineday's photos on my saturday shopping list, and it seemed a shame not to show more of her work. love hearts remind me of being five, and lets face it, every day is a bright one when you're that age, so perfect for this week.........

1. angel face by catherineday

2. sweet death by catherineday 3. love tubes by andrew jalali 4. hello kitty candy by catherineday

for more bright things pop on over to concrete & honey......more tomorrow x

Monday, March 30

bright week *fairground attraction* x

hello monday and a new week, a week of summertime.....well, the nights are lighter, now we just need a little more sun, pretty please?

this week is *bright week* hosted by the gorgeous blog concrete and honey. now my blog isn't the brightest on the block, especially over the last week or so, the tones have been a little muted and soft, so i thought this would be a good opportuntity to try something different. a couple of weeks ago my saturday shopping list was going to have a fairground theme, and i had lots of lovely photos saved as favourites on etsy, so this seems as good a time as any to share these with you all.......
all photos by bomobob on etsy

music *fairground* by holly taymar

take a look on concrete and honey & see lots more blogs taking part xx

Sunday, March 29

glamorous greenhouses x

i think heather cameron must be one of the luckiest women in the world......why?......well take a look at the gorgeous photo's below showing the greenhouse that her husband renovated for her as a wedding present
i spotted this a short while ago, at country living, and today has been such a lovely sunny day it made me think of days spent outdoors in the garden, and i remembered these photos.........

can't you just imagine yourself sitting in here on a sunny sunday, glass of chilled white wine, bowls of fresh strawberries & raspberries, and "summertime" sung by billie holiday, playing on the radio...........enjoy the rest of your weekend x
music *summertime* sung by billie holiday

Saturday, March 28

shopping list yourself x

things we should tell ourselves everyday....

you are special today by palomasnest

little thoughts for your day by palomasnest
little mantras of truth by lapomme
keep calm and carry on by sfgirlbybay
and lastly but most importantly look in the mirror each morning and say
you're gorgeous by catherineday
the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists
hope your saturday is off to a enjoyable start & hope you've got lovely plans for sunday....x

earth hour x

please help to support this
saturday 28th march 2009

Friday, March 27

fashion friday *john galliano* x

welcome to my first fashion friday, a chance for me to share the loveliest things from some of the most talented people....

there was no question of who i would choose to feature first, my absolute idol, may i introduce the wonderful john galliano....

he was born in gibraltar, raised in london, graduated from st.martins in 1984, his graduate collection "lesincroyables" was put into the windows at browns by owner joan burstein, he moved to paris in the early 90's, became designer in cheif at givenchy in 1995, moved to dior in 1997, and has stayed there creating the most delicious, fairytale like collections ever since....

looking through all the seasons of collection, one that stands out for me is the couture collection for dior for spring 2007. inspired "by pinkerton's affair with cio-cio san, madame butterfly" it is the most amazing mix of obi's and kimono's mixed with dior's "new look" style full skirts, and galliano's signature gowns, with their miraculous origami folding and sculptured forms....

wishing you a fashionable friday


Thursday, March 26

scarlett x

Funny Pics / Scarlett Johansson Gif
cute & funny & sums my week up perfectly
find it here

ghost of innocence x

inspire me thursday......ghost x
innocence comes before experience
but experience that loses innocence
cannot see the beauty of the world

today innocence is like a ghost
it appears only sometimes
only when it is night
and you are not sure
if it really exists

another song of innocence and experience
from osvaldozoom on flickr

wishing you all an inspirational thursday

Wednesday, March 25

cupcakes x

flower cupcake by kylie lambert, les cupcakes by superlekker
butterfly cupcake by kylie lambert, weekend baking by cannelle-vanille

today is a cupcake kind of a day x

Tuesday, March 24

think pink x

first seen at oh joy

photos by rachel papo, documenting the preparation of costumes for a production of the nutcracker at the new york ballet

so pink, so girly, so lovely

Sunday, March 22

her library adventures x

sophie at her library adventures is nearing the 1 year anniversary of her lovely over there now to join in with the birthday fun, and to give yourself a chance of winning her lovely giveaways.......x

ballet history by sophie

a&e x

my mum decided to celebrate mother's day in a slightly unusual way, by slipping over & breaking her we've spent an unexpected afternoon in accident & emergency....
(sorry, no photos of beautifully tiled fireplaces.......oh well, after 5 years i don't suppose another week will hurt)

she's now safely home & tucked up in bed watching television......take care mum xx

for my mum xx

happy mothers day to my lovely mum

and to mums everywhere

Saturday, March 21


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look on the brightside x

go take a look at the blah blah can download the artwork shown below....

download it from here

print out

pin it up to remind yourself each day

hand out to friends

leave in random places for others to find


shopping list saturday....perfect day x

my perfect saturday would be.....

waking up late to the sun streaming through the windows
windowlight by slgdesigns

a cup of fresh coffee
morning coffee by kristybee

deciding which pretty dress to wear
vintage blouse by kristybee

taking time out to read
stack of books by scissorpaperglue

go buy flowers......
pink by aliciabock

......lots of flowers
partly cloudy by kristybeebake a cake
or lots of cakes
cupcakes of happiness by unravelling
dance to favourite music......
put your records on by girlhula......while putting on your posh frock for a night out
music & moonlight by twistand feelonebliss

and dance till dawn in the most glamorous club in town
everything that was good by aliciabock
...oh, and also finding the time (and money) to buy all these beautiful photos from etsy.....x

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists.
hope your saturday is off to a enjoyable start & hope you've got lovely plans for mothers day....x

Friday, March 20

the weekend x

i originally started this blog with the intention of writing about house renovations, posting photos of the current (very unfinished) state of the house, with the hope it would shame me into finishing's not quite worked out that way, as i've so far managed to avoid writing about the house, finding so many other wonderful things to share.....

....but, this weekend there are plans to complete one long overdue task.....tiling the floors of the fireplaces in the lounge. before i even moved into the house i ordered the most delicious dark copper tiles from fired earth; five years later (yes, five!) they are still sitting in their boxes, having spent all that time being moved around the living room. this weekend will see them move into their final home. will share the result with you on sunday x

Thursday, March 19

swirl & swirl x

inspire me thursday......swirl x

vatican blue swirl, by motocchio

you can't jump down the stairs in one leap, however much you might wish to, and you even more surely can't jump up it, but one step and then the next and there you are, at the top or the bottom and not a bit out of breath or discomposed

elizabeth aston, the exploits & adventures of miss alethea darcy, 2005

happy thursday xx