Wednesday, February 29

paris in shades of white, yellow & pink x

today i'm feeling a little blue, so to cheer myself up i took a look through the lovely photography of nichole at *littlebrownpen*....i especially love these photography collections, grouped by colour, such a lovely way to look at the city. i would usually be planning a trip to paris right about now, but sadly not this year, well, not at the moment, so for now i'll keep looking at these images, & keep reading david lebovitz's blog & his book *the sweet life in paris* whilst drinking extra strong coffee & eating sweet macarons...

for now

Tuesday, February 28

a flash of neon x

so much neon around at the moment, it seems to have crept back on us again....loving it mixed with neutral tones, or with luminous pastels....& it's the inspiration behind my latest treasury on etsy. lovely, unusual items, particularly loving the cameo earrings & the sweet bunny with neon orange ears

hope your day has had plenty of bright highlights too

for now

Friday, February 17

butterflies x

{all images by nabokov}

beautiful drawings to share with you today....Vladmir Nabokov's drawings were intended for his family, drawn on the title pages of novels & given as gifts to his wife & son & other relatives. none of the drawings are of real butterflies, but the images & the names he gives them are drawn from his imagination...a fascinating insight into the man best known as the author of "Lolita".....

*from the age of seven, everything i felt a connection with a rectangle of framed sunlight was dominated by a single passion. if my first glance of the morning was for the sun, my first thought was for the butterflies it would engender...
...i have hunted butterflies in various climes and disguises; as a pretty boy in knickerbockers and sailor cap; as a lanky cosmopolitan expatriate in flannel bags and beret; as a fat hatless old man in shorts*

looking forward to the weekend

for now

Thursday, February 16

patchwork lace x

{top: veerle via melody house; next: designsponge; next: veerle via melody house; & last: pinterest via lace&tea}

lots of lovely lace inspiration today....hoping to put the finishing touches to a patchwork lace curtain for my {nearly} finished study today....just love that i can start putting to use all the vintage lace & embroidered tablecloths that i have squirrelled away over the last few years....i don't think i'll be giving dottie angel a run for her money just yet, but stay tuned.....

for now

Wednesday, February 15

love is....x

love is....feeling a little crafty

valentine's day kinda passed me by
this sweet instagram from dottie angel is too lovely not to share
has given me a bit of a kick up the backside to start using the sewing machine i unearthed a while ago & make use of my lovely little study now it's {nearly} completed

tomorrow a little crafting & feeling inspired

in the meantime
if you aren't all over Valentines yet take a look at this uber cute kids party
at my other blog lily&Bloom

for now

Friday, February 10

grey x


today is a very grey day; grey sky, grey slush, grey atmosphere & my mood is distinctly grey, like the picture above with it's lovely hint of pink, i am trying to surround myself with pink highlights; filling the house with the lovely aroma of fruit bread baking, spending an hour or so browsing through pinterest, and filling a lovely new {pink} moleskine notebook with ideas for spring....

for now

Thursday, February 9

snow white x

lovely *snow white* conversational print by heather ross

snow is promised today. i'm debating whether to go out & stock up on a few goodies so i can hibernate if the snow appears. on the other hand i had promised myself that i would tidy out the greenhouse today ready for spring seedlings, although it is so cold that spring feels a long way away.

will leave you with the trailer for the new *snow white* film due out later this year....

for now

Wednesday, February 8

when will spring be here? x

a chilly day in london yesterday....i think i {just about} pulled off the layering of a pretty floral dress, uggs, cardi's & scarves, and plenty of walking staved off much of the cold. it was so lovely to start looking at all the newness in the shops; a really cute muppet window in gap kids, great windows at top shop highlighting their key looks for the season, and of course plenty of spring flowers & colour at the ever wonderful cath kidston, not to mention lots of patriotic loveliness in preparation for the royal summer celebrations. will share some of my favourites from the new collection soon, but stumbled across these pics of cath kidston's home & wanted to share....

lovely colour against a backdrop of white
isn't the last picture amazing

for now

Tuesday, February 7

layer up x

{top: hey mishka; next: piccsy; & last: asos}

off to london today; a day of meeting with agencies & a little bit of {window} shopping, taking a look at all the lovely spring things & wishing of warmer weather. debating how many cardi's to layer & if both a scarf & snood is overkill, and will my uggs with my pretty floral dress hit this season's grunge look, or be more bag lady chic?

will keep you posted

for now

Monday, February 6


a weekend of snow, the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa & indulge in hot chocolate & good books. in one the story told of a woman who ran away from her early life, invented a new identity for herself & ran once again when that early life caught up with her. when she ran for the second time it was to venice, a city of tourists & strangers, the perfect city in which to lose you think people actually do this, run away & start again. when things look bleak, and the weather's as cold & miserable as it is today, the idea, i admit, is slightly tempting....

....i think it's a little too slushy out there to contemplate running away today, but i will leave you with this lovely, lovely animation, shared by li edelkoort.....

find out more here

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