Wednesday, February 8

when will spring be here? x

a chilly day in london yesterday....i think i {just about} pulled off the layering of a pretty floral dress, uggs, cardi's & scarves, and plenty of walking staved off much of the cold. it was so lovely to start looking at all the newness in the shops; a really cute muppet window in gap kids, great windows at top shop highlighting their key looks for the season, and of course plenty of spring flowers & colour at the ever wonderful cath kidston, not to mention lots of patriotic loveliness in preparation for the royal summer celebrations. will share some of my favourites from the new collection soon, but stumbled across these pics of cath kidston's home & wanted to share....

lovely colour against a backdrop of white
isn't the last picture amazing

for now


  1. love the hand painted flowers on the blue wall...makes me wish i could paint!

  2. That's one way to make going to the toilet interesting! And I really love the washed out fireplace...


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