Sunday, October 25

sunday again x

still in hong kong....the weather is warm but the sky is dark and looks suspiciously full of rain, though i wouldn't be completely adverse to a great big humdinger of a thunderstorm if we had one....

i'm in a quandry today, whether to venture out and explore or just to sit still and enjoy the peace & quiet? sometimes i feel as if i should be out seeing everything hk has to offer, then i remember i'm not exactly on holiday here, and the normal thing to do after a long week at work is to take time out for me, enjoy the simple pleasures of reading, eating good food, indulging in tv watching and doing very little, and why should it be that different here?

i'm back in china for another week next week, & then hopefully back home in the uk sometime next weekend, where more regular blogging should resume (fingers crossed xx)

Tuesday, October 20

sweet x

all images from *we heart it*

sorry, i feel like i'm not paying enough attention to my blog & all you kind followers at the moment, but i'm in china still & it's a little bit busy.....promise to be a bit more attentive & creative when i get back home

Monday, October 19

bring on the clowns x

images from *we heart it*

have a lovely monday

Friday, October 16

tulle x

i wish i was still a little girl with dreams of being a ballerina and dressing in layered pretty tulle dresses.......

all images from *we heart it*

looking forward to the weekend
to dressing up & dancing

Thursday, October 15

lily & chanel x

love, love, love
the chanel adverts featuring the lovely lily

walking up to the chanel in hong kong, you're greeted with this wonderful image, a great homage to the equally lovely miss hepburn.......x

hope your week is going well

Wednesday, October 14

lace x

i love the ethereal quality that all these photos have
would love to have lace like this in my home

credits for photos clockwise from top left
*we heart it *danske
*lobster&swan *we heart it

"i consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature: lace always evokes for me those incomporable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and i do not think any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin"
coco chanel, 29th april 1939


Tuesday, October 13

....and they all lived happily ever after x

...actually i'm not sure this trip will have a fairytale ending, but i'm feeling a lot more hopeful than when i stepped on the plane to fly out. i had managed to get myself in an absolute state about how terrible i had been at my job & how everything was a disaster and falling about around my ears.....why is it that when everyone around you, (well, mostly everyone, there was one loud voice of dissention, the one person who has the ability to put the fear of god into me!) is telling you it will all work out fine, and somewhere deep down you know it will be, why is there a persistent little gremlin sitting on your shoulder telling you that you will fail, miserably, horribly?

for now, however, i have hope that everything will be ok......x

image from "we heart it"


ps. this is a scheduled post which i wrote on hoping i am still feeling "alright" today x

Monday, October 12

shoes x

so many shoes
so little time
all images from *we heart it*

"the time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: of shoes & ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings"
lewis carroll *alice in wonderland*

have a wonderful monday

Sunday, October 11

a hong kong sunday x

a leisurely breakfast of tea & toast
catching up on work
reading my favourite blogs
a little bit of shopping
tapas over on central
an early(ish) bed.......x

have a lovely, relaxing, sunday

Saturday, October 10

a hong kong saturday x

all images by me

a lovely sunny, relaxing day in hong kong
took a taxi ride to the markets
long lunch with a view of the star ferry
hong kong harbour
finished shopping just as the sun was setting

hope your weekend has been just as lovely

Saturday, October 3

autumn x

today has been blustery & showery, and although i'm flying to warmer climates tomorrow, today i'm thinking about cuddly, furry blankets, cosy cardigans and winter coats....

....i quite fancy a raincoat type of thing before buying a full on winter coat....could i stretch to one of these gorgeous burberry raincoats, and more importantly, could i ever look as stunning as emma watson....?

all photos from here
(ps. my favourite coat is the one in the first photo)

enjoy the rest of your saturday