Monday, May 31

shanghai glamour.....x

i saw these adverts at the airport yesterday, and thought how lovely they were, with a real old fashioned glamour to i imagine 1930's shanghai must have been like....

{shanghai tang}

i love the softly muted colours, like old faded photographs
and the gorgeous evening purse is just divine

for everyone who's enjoyed an extra days holiday i hope it's been lovely & that the sun has shone
for everyone else i hope that first day back at work has not been too hard

will be in china from tomorrow
will hopefully get a couple of posts finised tonight ready to post whilst i'm away
but until saturday
goodbye & have a lovely week


Sunday, May 30

thunderstorms ahead.....x

just arrived in hong kong for another 3 and a bit weeks of tooing and froing between here & china....have left behind a rainy & chilly england and arrived to find a rainy but balmy hong kong. the forecast is for thunderstorms all week, which i don't mind as i love a really good thunderstorm...will i still be saying that in the middle of the week when i'm alone & rattling around a big chinese house on my own.......?

top {forecast by *cinnamon via flickr}, middle {rain via 500px}, bottom {rainytea via daydreams-tea}

this trip i want to get out and explore more on the sunday's i have free...inspired by {or shamed by} *the cherry blossom girl* wonderful photos of hongkong, and the places she found, like the goldfish market & the hong kong history museum had made me want to explore....

by the way....any tips for air a non-airconditioning needing brit i can never seem to get the temp quite right - either too hot or too cold......

enjoy the rest of the weekend

Wednesday, May 26


{via taking1stepatatime}

what if they won't forgive you?

Tuesday, May 25

candy colours.....x

today i'm loving these candy colour pictures, so perfect for a sunny day like today...

carousel {via flickr} birds {via dunnowhattotype} umbrella {via socliche}
roses {via colddesert}

looking for a gardener at the moment....i'm finding it so hard to be away from home so often & keep on top of the garden, but at the same time, it's quite strange, i feel like i should be able to cope, and don't feel like the kind of person that hires people? having said that, if they can make the garden look really really pretty, i can probably get over that.....

half way through the week tomorrow....not long till another long weekend


Sunday, May 23


what a gorgeously sunny & hot weekend.....worked yesterday as still up to the proverbial eyeballs, but got up early today to work in the garden, so yes, the dandelions (well, most of the) are no

when the weather is this sunny & warm, wouldn't you just love to move & live outdoors?

{images via weheartit}

so lovely, although probably best if you lived in some wonderfully secluded area, otherwise you might give the neighbours a bit of a shock in the morning!


Tuesday, May 18


i love these images by valerie hammond

{via blue sky butterfly studio}

today i'm not loving long working hours
and not loving being indoors when the weather is so sunny & warm

but looking forward to a sunny weekend
a weekend free of work, a weekend in the garden & a week closer to sex and the city2

that's all

Monday, May 17


simple white crockery.....numbers.....letters

top left {balancingact via flickr} top right {monogrammedmugs via anthropologie}
bottom {numberteacups via flickr}

happy monday

Thursday, May 13

the sun is still shining.....x

....and will hopefully keep on shining until the weekend....i've a greenhouse to clean & tidy ready for tomato plants my dad is starting to grow for me.....

....have great intentions of getting up very very early on saturday to strim away the dandelions that have settled very happily in the front garden, and whilst i try & convince myself that they look quite romantic & countryish, i know that they really don't, and the house is gaining that embarrassingly unkempt, unloved look....

{weheartit via discoanimal}


Wednesday, May 12


gorgeous home
i love the cleaness & lightness of so much white
with the injection of saturated darks

{skona hem}

i heart the sofa
i heart the filing cabinet
i really heart the pleated lightshades


Sunday, May 9

hello sunshine......x's been so nice to have seen you today....

top {hellosunshine} bottom {dreamers, via weheartit, via fairybread}

please stay for a while


Saturday, May 8

blue & white....x

i'm not quite sure where spring has disappeared to, but the weather feels more like march than's quite sad to look out of the window & see the beautiful blossom tree outside my house silhouetted against a grey sky full of rain clouds..... to shake the greyness lets look at lots of fresh blue & white, which always reminds me of summer days, blue skies and open windows....

top {stripeskirt by leifsdottir}{atlantabartlett}
middle {atlantabartlett}{toiledress by leifsdottir}
bottom {crossstitch bedlinen & aegean bedlinen by toast}

despite being curled up on the sofa huddling under a blanket, these make me wish for holidays on the med in whitewashed villas, & hot summer days with picnics in the park....well, one can dream.....


Wednesday, May 5


still thinking of the lovely image from *coco avant chanel*........

topimages {cabbages&roses} next {decembernights via weheartit} next {jblamejor via flickr} next {nappkin via flickr} bottomimages {le vestaire de jeanne}

wishing for seaside weather for the weekend

Sunday, May 2

sunday afternoon.....x

a sunny start turned dull, grey & cold very quickly today, so gardening was very quickly crossed off the list of today's tasks to be replaced by an afternoon watching movies.....*the piano* & *coco avant chanel*.....both beautiful, with gorgeous costumes, and both made me cry....

{images from *coco avant chanel*}

i love the top picture; the colours, the striped bathing tents, the pretty lace parasols

ps. a little bit of sun tomorrow would be very much appreciated

Saturday, May 1

it's saturday.....x

have done a little shopping, a little reading, a little tidying and a little little shopping included the cutest pink washing up bowl....a completly unecessary, indulgent purchase....aren't they the absolute best?

i did, however, resist a lovely cream vintage phone, the equally lovely cream kitchenaid mixer {that i have been pining over for a long while} and the few items left in cath kidston that i havn't already purchased.....

oh, and that's not counting the *window shopping* at etsy this many things, so little money!