Tuesday, May 25

candy colours.....x

today i'm loving these candy colour pictures, so perfect for a sunny day like today...

carousel {via flickr} birds {via dunnowhattotype} umbrella {via socliche}
roses {via colddesert}

looking for a gardener at the moment....i'm finding it so hard to be away from home so often & keep on top of the garden, but at the same time, it's quite strange, i feel like i should be able to cope, and don't feel like the kind of person that hires people? having said that, if they can make the garden look really really pretty, i can probably get over that.....

half way through the week tomorrow....not long till another long weekend



  1. beautiful....magic♥!

    hugs from me♥!

  2. love them all!!! have a lovely day today!

  3. Love these rosy pinks. Makes me think of a real summer.


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