Friday, July 31

one more thing before i go.....x

some gorgeousness from chanel.......

fall 2009 ready to wear
all images from
is it so wrong to covet pink lacey knit legwarmers?

Thursday, July 30

banned x

hello.....i'm back in the blogging world, after what feels like forever! i've been in china for the past week at our factory, and blogger is banned there.....yes, you did read that correctly, BANNED! spent several hours googling ways to get around it, but all to no avail.....i still don't really understand the full reason behind it, but it was SO frustrating, and made me realise what an outlet this has become for me, just a way to wind down a little from work, and even if i'm really busy with work, to take half an hour out to share something lovely with you all, is such a lovely thing to do each day....

.....anyway, just to show there's no hard feelings, and to honour what is a beautiful country, even with all it's poverty in a lot of areas, please enjoy this beautiful photo.....

yangshuo, china, photo by tjasa via flickr

back in china tomorrow till sunday, when i fly home, so cheerio till next week xx

Wednesday, July 22

sunshine x

photo loveliness by sam lamb

it's a beautiful day here in hong kong, the sun is shining and it's hot.....clouds in the sky threaten rain & thunderstorms, which if they can wait a few hours till dusk will be a treat to watch....
off to sham shui po this morning to see what loveliness we can find.....managed to spend over two hours there yesterday cooing over gorgeous ribbons, laces and buttons

take care for now xx

Friday, July 17

farewell x

farewell by cassiabeck

off to hong kong & china again for a couple of weeks.....hope to still post whilst out there, and have a few posts scheduled over the next couple of days, but for now bye bye xx

Tuesday, July 14

driving in my car x

driving home this evening there was the most beautiful rainbow in the sky.....i probably shouldn't admit this, but i have a tendancy to get distracted when driving, particularly long distances, but this was such a wonderful rainbow, so clear and big, i couldn't help but stare at it in the rear view mirror, and felt like a little child, trying to get every last glimpse.....silly eh?

anyway, i've been thinking of changing my car for a while now, but can't quite decide what to have....what I really, really want, but is so impractical especially given the miles i drive each year, is a gorgeous classic car, in which i would be instantly transformed into some kind of glamorous thing who always looks divine....a little like the pics below

(ps. i would really like the tutuesque skirt & that wonderful travelling case as well as the lovely car)

photos by corrie bond

wishing you a truly splendid tuesday

Monday, July 13

selvedge drygoods x

i read & love selvedge magazine, it has such a lovely feel to it, crafty, homely, comforting i was more than a little excited to read at *caravan style* that they have a shop!

well it would be rude not to take a look.........

gorgeous rag dolls from pip-squeak chapeau

who also make lovely clothes

and then
more lovely ragdolls from jess brown
all lovely things sold through selvedge shop

hope your week is off to a lovely start

Sunday, July 12

end of the weekend x

just some lovely things today

photos by janne peters

there is no perfection, only life
milan kundera (the unbearable lightness of being)
via thresca


Saturday, July 11

shopping list away x

when you come to the edge of all that you know,
you must believe one of two things;
there will be earth upon which to stand,
or you will be given wings to fly
unknown via thresca

the angel of death has been abroad throughout the land; you may almost hear the beating of his wings
john bright, speaking about the effects of the crimean war, 1855

empty as a pocket by myfolklover

spread your wings by jennipenni

perfect angel ring by sweetsimple

angel by foreveryounggg

unity by elisaann

birdsong by synchronicity313

the saturday shopping list was started by charlotte at fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope your weekend will be just lovely

Friday, July 10

owl x

owl love you forever by seekatesew

i love this
so cute

i am so looking forward to the weekend
i need sleep, sleep & more sleep

Thursday, July 9

tea dresses x

looking for the perfect thing to wear to afternoon tea....
....look no further
for you
teadress by sohomode

and for your little one
time for tea by allthenumbers

how cute?

Wednesday, July 8

for all the tea in china x

i spotted the most wonderful photo on *kind over matter* which i thought followed on so nicely from yesterday's post....

pretty dress, pretty teacup & plenty of teabags
perfect teaparty
teaparty by laurence
first seen at
kind over matter

teabags by (cloudnine)

teabag brooch by sophieisobel

lavender teabags by patchworkpottery

cup of tea anyone?

Tuesday, July 7

storm in a teacup x

i'm now starting to believe in global warming....the weather in the uk is turning more tropical by the day. after an extreme heat wave last week, this week it's warm and muggy, with the most amazing storms, rain bouncing off car bonnets, thunder & lightning.....almost monsoonish!

wanted to share some beautiful ceramics with you today......

firstly lovely blue & white delftware teaset from
wendy mclachlan

flowers & butterflies trail over all pieces from
karin eriksson

and lastly
rosebuds and cherubs from

hope your week is going well.....i should have been in florence tonight but flights into pisa were cancelled due to airport instead of a lovely fresh bowl of pasta it's a bacon sandwich, pure comfort food xx

Sunday, July 5

the white house x

i'm on the hunt for lots of lovely 1920's bevelled edge mirrors. so far have been outbid on 2 lovely mirrors on ebay, but i'm not giving up yet! i was lucky enough to inherit 2 from my nan's but i have a vision of lots of them hung on the wall together, similar to the lovely display in the gorgeous home below.......

all images from livingetc

i've shown the bathroom from this house before, but look how lovely the rest of this house is....originally a matress factory, this melbourne house was converted by lyn gardner. how envious am i......very x

shopping list saturday......white x

oops....a little bit late this week
quite....actually make that very....busy at work at the moment, busy looking forward to the new season which is exciting & refreshing, there just seems like 101 things to do!

to counteract this mayhem i've chosen a shopping list this week which has a lovely simplicity and sense of calm.....all things white.....enjoy x

girl in a white dress by irenasophia

spend a little time alone by gabriellekai

homemade marple marshmallow from whimsey&spice

for the love of white by kristybee

hazel by gorjuss

peony no.9281 by kariherer

dove white silk sweethearts by cottonbirddesigns

the saturday shopping list was started by charlotte at fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope your weekend has been just lovely

Thursday, July 2

cheek to cheek x

inspire me thursday.....cheeks x

heaven, i'm in heaven,
and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak
and i seem to find the happiness i seek
when we're out together dancing
cheek to cheek

timeless, elegant & classic
see more

Wednesday, July 1

hot hot hot x

it's official
we must have the most frustrating design studio in the world
absolutely freezing in the winter
absolutely meltingly hot in the summer

i know
i shouldn't complain....the weather is amazing....and i wouldn't wish for cold miserable rain
how much nicer would it be to be able to enjoy this weather

.......visiting the beach

.......sitting in deckchairs
photo: cassiebeck

.......under a lovely striped umbrellaphoto: susannahtucker

.......waiting for the gorgeous old icecream van to come tinkling alongphoto: stoopidgerl