Tuesday, June 29

paper & scissors....x

beautiful book sculptures

paper magic by su blackwell

it's taking a little while to get back into the swing of {normal} life now i'm back so forgive if the posting is a little sporadic for a few days.....good intentions disappear as i drift off to sleep on the sofa

normal service to be resumed as soon as humanly possible

till then, enjoy the sunshine

Friday, June 25

curiouser & curiouser.....x

a wonderful photoshoot for royal copenhagen china taking the theme of the mad hatters tea party

{via hus & hem}

just love the miniature table & chairs in the middle picture


Thursday, June 24

curious blooms....x

more from musubi
very curious & strangely beautiful

{images from musubi}


Tuesday, June 22

still blooming....x

more floral inspiration

{images from musubi}

how wonderful {but admittedly slightly ridiculous} to walk around adorned in flowers

the middle picture might prove a solution for my badly neglected garden though...if you look carefully all the flowers are photographs....

Monday, June 21

floral fusion.....x

floral inspired fashion
to brighten up your monday

{images by liz ham}


Sunday, June 20


we're more alike than either of us like to admit
he gave me my creative imagination
but also his temper & stubbornness

he also gives unconditional love
even when my stubbornness is causing a rift in our family

{image from beauty in everything via weheartit}

i hope he'll also give me his forgiveness

distance stops me giving my dad a big hug today but i think he knows that my love is unconditional & unwavering too

{forgive the sentimental posting today but missing loved ones birthdays & special days doesn't get any easier}

a gorgeous weekend to you all

Thursday, June 17

garden shed....x

if the magic fairies, that are going to grant my wish & tranform my garden whilst i'm away, happen to be reading this, i'd also like one of these.....

{via tales of a junkaholic}
the cutest garden workshed.....ever

.....pretty please


Wednesday, June 16


last week in china we had the most amazing thunderstorm one rained harder than i've ever known, the thunder was the loudest i've heard....i don't think i've ever been so close to a storm before & known as much lightning as there was that night....

brought to mind that wonderful scene at the beginning and the end of *sweet home alabama* on the beach during that thunderstorm...a corny film i know, but....

hope your week is bringing you more sunshine than showers

Tuesday, June 15

vintage laura....x

have been talking at work about brands which have managed to re-launch & revive themselves, which led to a discussion about laura ashley....googling vintage laura ashley threw up some fascinating results, and some surprisingly on trend true that what goes around comes around...and around...and around....

top left {via glamour&glitter} top right {1970's laura ashley dress via steptoes dog}
middle left {vintage pink dress via flickr} middle right {via nibs}
bottom {sailor dress via mariesvintage}

would love to have the chance to look at the archives at laura ashley, imagine what you could unearth & how lovely their collection could be?


Monday, June 14

snapshots from hong kong...x

i love how hong kong is a huge city of contrasts....the high tech skyscrapers on central contrast with the older colonial buildings, and the rundown highrises with all that washing hanging out the window, precariously balanced on washing lines high above the city streets....the money & finance on central against the rag trade of sham shui po....i love the fact that the history of the city remains, traditions such as the star ferry and the trams, that on one street you can shop in dior & prada, yet turn a corner & happen upon a fish market & traditional stalls selling paper lanterns....

street signs in sham shui po
the star ferry
entrance to a market in tsim sha tsui

{all images by me}


Sunday, June 13

flowers in hong kong.....x

another sunday in hong kong....

shopping done
laundry done

about to wander out ...would like to say in the sunshine but that appears to be absent today, and in it's place are dark clouds...but still...

photos by me

a flower market that i pass on my morning walk to the supermarket
that always makes me want to go in and buy armfulls
...especially the sunflowers today...


Friday, June 11


dreaming of

....wearing a pretty pink dress
....glittery heels
....drinking pink champagne
....dancing the night away

top {miss louise xo via weheartit} next {tim walker} next {via weheartit}
& last {tim walker via weheartit}

not tonight...maybe tomorrow

Thursday, June 10


*do you believe in fairies?....if you believe clap your hands*
{jm barrie}

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& last {via weheartit}

sprinkle a little fairy dust on your day

Wednesday, June 9

happy colour.....x

"don't worry
be happy"

colour to make you happy

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& last {craft&creativity via flickr}

hope this brightens up your day

Tuesday, June 8

just because.....x

just because i love the colours
clotted cream, soft sand, duck egg blue, soft teal, tea rose & the softest coral

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last {cassia via flickr}


Monday, June 7

can you see the butterflies....x

"just living is not enough,"
said the butterfly,
"one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower"
{hans christian anderson}

i think the same applies to people
don't you?

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& last {susannahtucker via etsy}

i don't think you just notice butterflies i think you have to really look for them?

Sunday, June 6

will soon be monday....again.....x

today i've realised i am a complete creature of habit even when in another country.....a sunday spent shopping, eating & sorting out washing & last minute work things seems to mirror my sunday's at you think these habits give us some kind of security or do you think it might be more a case of my "ocd" ish tendancies rising to the fore?

whatever the reason i do feel rested & {kind of} prepared for the week ahead....which includes posts for each day next lucky, lucky bunch! am sharing favourites from *weheartit* and favourites i've had randomly saved for a while....

for today's choice i'm feeling in the pink....i love the light in all these photos, so white, pale & pretty....

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last {yvetteinufio via etsy}

*pink roses are for love hopeful and expectant*

in advance i'm wishing you all a lovely, peaceful week