Thursday, April 29

looking forward.....x

to a lovely long weekend, and hoping the sun will shine a little.....

.....i can't remember where i found the link to this site, but it makes me wish i lived a little nearer to sydney or melbourne so i could take a visit to *lee mathews* has the feel of an australian *anthropologie*.....would love to hear from anyone who had been, to see if it lives up to it's promise....

on-line shop is coming soon

please please
hurry up
even if all i'll be able to do is *window*shop

only one more day till the weekend

Sunday, April 25

i'm in love.....x

.....with these gorgeous vintage tiles....just on twitter while waiting to fly, and spotted twitter from *from britain with love* and these amazingly beautiful, eclectic, i must have them tiles....along with the new cath kidston floor tiles, i'm having a complete bathroom rethink!

the vintage collection
{welbeck tiles}

flight has just been called
ta ta

Saturday, April 24

going home....xx

this trip has been a strange one.....i think mainly because of the strange situation everyone found themselves in due the icelandic volcanoe.....i have often been away from home & wished i were home, but have, luckily, never found myself in the situation where i couldn't actually get home even if i wanted.....i truly hope that all those left stranded have now found a plane, train or automobile back home, or at least have new plans to get there in the near, well i'm very grateful, for possibly the first {and most likely, only} time that i had already decided to extend my trip by a few days, and so will be able to board my plane tomorrow morning, and be home for sunday tea....a very welcome thought indeed....

{never have these words seemed more appropriate than this past week}

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bottom {mrsoddles via weheartit}

have a wonderful weekend
see you on monday

Thursday, April 22


in china
hopefully having a really productive week
seeing lots of gorgeous samples
being too busy to daydream about being in a quite forest, somewhere leafy, green & quiet

{all images weheartit}


Tuesday, April 20


the chaos of the icelandic volcanoe rumbles on......keeping all fingers crossed that they reopen the air today as promised.....

happier letters x

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great love letter reads
*love letters of great men*
{the book carrie reads to big in sitc1}

*the 50 greatest love letters of all time*

*the love letters of dylan thomas*

for now

Monday, April 19


monday, again.....



{via decembernights}


hoping your monday is bonny not blue

Sunday, April 18

mad world....x

a colleague of mine flew back from hong kong on thursday, was diverted to frankfurt, & is still there, we think, all courtesy of the volcanoe eruption in iceland.....i jokingly said early on friday morning that it was probably all *a fuss about nothing*..... how wrong could i be! i've {very very luckily} never been in the situation of being properly stranded & unable to get home, but can imagine how impossibly frustrating it must be, especially when the situation seems to be worsening, not improving.....

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causing complete chaos i know, but something quite peaceful & beautiful about these images

keeping all fingers crossed that planes are able to {safely} take off very soon, and everyone makes it home safe & sound


Friday, April 16

let them eat cake....x

i'm missing making the cupcakes i normally bake on a sunday to take into work to cheer up a monday morning....

{click on images for source}

this also serves as a reminder to watch the wonderfully candy coloured *marie antoinette* when i get home

bye bye

Wednesday, April 14

missed connections....x

*missed connections* is a website that describes itself as a site which helps to improve the chances of you meeting your *missed connection*, that is anyone you've ever met, or just exchanged glances with, and want to get in touch with, but you don't have their contact details. it's a site with postings from all over, and a lot of the postings are sweet, funny, touching with a hint of melancholy & these people meet up...? do they fall in love & live happily ever after...?

i don't have the answers i'm afraid, but just to add a little more poignancy to these tales an artist, sophie blackall started to illustrate some of these messages and now has a blog of the same name....

Monday, April 12

a view to....x

at the beginning of each new season the trendbook i most look forward to looking through is *trend union* from the constantly amazing li a source of beautiful images & inspirational thinking it's unrivalled. a couple of seasons ago i started to recognise the photography used from the flickr page of ijklee, which in turn led me to *a view to* her beautiful blog...postings aren't as frequent as other sites, but that seems to make you look forward to them even more....i love tiny, but perfectly formed posts and love the collages of inspiration & images she pulls from others....
a view to



i could look at these all day long

i hope monday is treating you kindly

Sunday, April 11

...a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet....x

today is warm, sunny, quiet & restful
just as a sunday should be

today, thinking of my grandma's rose garden....

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my grandma had a wonderful rose garden & as i once again begin to think about my dream garden, think it would be lovely to include lots of rose bushes within it, but maybe lots of those old fashioned varieties, in gorgeously soft vanilla, blush & tearose hues.....

have a wonderful sunny sunday

Thursday, April 8

moa og kaffekoppen.....x

another beautiful blog.....

i love moa's's such a gorgeous read, her blog posts make me smile & her images & photos of her house make me want to live in her house.....lace, crochet, butterflies, dotty crockery, lots of talk of candy & cake....what's not to like?

... a gray day - can also be a beautiful day ... ♥ Moa

.. and the sun shining from a cloudless sky today - and all hearts rejoice .. ♥ hug hug from me ..

.. some days are just more happy than others .. Today it is one of those days! .. a happy phone - and new doors will open .. The sun is shining, the radio gives me good music .. coffee tastes delicious in my new beautiful cup .. And even clearing and cleaning of the house goes away - and it is simply a happy Tuesday! ♥ Moa

.. almost blizzard out there today! but my holiday is splendid for it .. then it was pictures of my beloved little princess ring and a mini picture of a butterfly .. and new ideas occur over a few cups of coffee delicious .. ♥ hug hug from me ..

i'm not sure if it's google translations which makes her prose so cute? i somehow think not, but whatever the reason her blog makes my heart happy....