Tuesday, April 6

( oh hello friend ) you are loved.....x

whilst i'm away in china, and unable to blog, i thought i'd write some posts to share some of my favourite blogs....i'm currently following 156 blogs { wonder i'm a little behind on my blog reading...!} and love all of them for different reasons, so it was quite hard to pick a few to share...i've resisted the most obvious {cup of jo, decor8} as although lovely, i'm guessing they're the first that people tend to come across when they start blogging.....

....anyhow, enough first choice is ( oh hello friend ) you are loved....

i love, love, love danni's blog cos it's just so pretty and crammed full of really lovely things, most of which she conjurs up herself.....i was completely spoiled for choice when looking through her images & wonderful creations....her packaging ideas are just the loveliest, her etsy shop a treasure trove of the cutest brooches & jewellery, and her flickr page a haven of inspiration & loveliness....

....have i piqued your interest yet....if not take a gander at these....

if you don't already know of danni's blog, try & spare a couple of minutes today to have a look

{( oh hello friend ) you are loved}

till tomorrow


  1. thanks for this great tip ;o)
    have a lovely day today!

  2. I love her blog too. Danni is fantastic and very talented.

  3. i just stumbled upon your blog and wow, i am SO SO SO honored to be on here! what a lovely surprise, thanks for all your sweet + kind words! :) xo.


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