Thursday, April 8

moa og kaffekoppen.....x

another beautiful blog.....

i love moa's's such a gorgeous read, her blog posts make me smile & her images & photos of her house make me want to live in her house.....lace, crochet, butterflies, dotty crockery, lots of talk of candy & cake....what's not to like?

... a gray day - can also be a beautiful day ... ♥ Moa

.. and the sun shining from a cloudless sky today - and all hearts rejoice .. ♥ hug hug from me ..

.. some days are just more happy than others .. Today it is one of those days! .. a happy phone - and new doors will open .. The sun is shining, the radio gives me good music .. coffee tastes delicious in my new beautiful cup .. And even clearing and cleaning of the house goes away - and it is simply a happy Tuesday! ♥ Moa

.. almost blizzard out there today! but my holiday is splendid for it .. then it was pictures of my beloved little princess ring and a mini picture of a butterfly .. and new ideas occur over a few cups of coffee delicious .. ♥ hug hug from me ..

i'm not sure if it's google translations which makes her prose so cute? i somehow think not, but whatever the reason her blog makes my heart happy....


  1. oiiii....sharon! you are the sweetest...
    - ever ♥ ♥ ♥
    you made my day, my friend!

    peace & love from me ♥

  2. love, love, love the pictures on your blog.


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