Sunday, April 11

...a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet....x

today is warm, sunny, quiet & restful
just as a sunday should be

today, thinking of my grandma's rose garden....

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my grandma had a wonderful rose garden & as i once again begin to think about my dream garden, think it would be lovely to include lots of rose bushes within it, but maybe lots of those old fashioned varieties, in gorgeously soft vanilla, blush & tearose hues.....

have a wonderful sunny sunday


  1. visiting your blog for the first time today.


    thank you for sharing.

    i´m gonna add you to my bloglist, hope it´s okay...


  2. Lovely images! I like roses also but they are to much work. Old fashioned rose bushes are easier. I'll just settle for fabrics with roses in them!

  3. What a beautiful and evocative mix of photographs!

    I'm having a fine art giveaway of one of my photographs at the end of the month and would love you to drop by my blog to enter, if you'd like :)


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