Tuesday, September 29

wish list x

my autumn anthropologie wish list

*sprinkled chiffon top*

*big band dress*

*phlox flats*
i love love love these shoes

*lighted pathways bag*
i love love love this bag

*cameo lace chair*

so lovely

the moon x

driving home tonight, the moon seemed so large and mysterious and so noticeable.....isn't it strange that you can go for months and never notice looking up and seeing the moon and the stars, yet they are always there.......

image from*weheartit*

i like to think the moon is there even if i'm not looking at it
quote by albert einstein

i can't believe it's nearly October
i can't believe that someone on the radio mentioned it was 88 days until xmas!

hope your week is off to a marvelous start

Saturday, September 26

something good x

very very busy at work at the moment
worked today

my something good today is another helping of sparkly frothy frocks and dancing shoes on tonights *strictly come dancing*
all images *iheartit*

wishing you a sparkly weekend

Tuesday, September 22

marchesa xx

loving the new collection from marchesa for spring 2010 x

spotted these amazing tatoo shoes on *iheartit*......

......and took a look at the rest of the collection on

wishing you a glamorous monday

Sunday, September 20

today x

my sunday......







early night


Friday, September 18

so cute x

i've been trying to pretend that the summer isn't quite over yet, but the weather is trying it's hardest to prove otherwise.....

....but then taking a look at how cute tights & legwarmers have got this season, i think i may be giving into the cold weather sooner rather than later....

i heart these so much*

lovely lovely lovely
thing from plumo

cuteness from odd molly

cosiness from coffee & cream

wishing you a cosy friday evening

Saturday, September 12

whimsey x

i'm back home

the sun is shining, the sky is blue and i'm trying hard to summon up the enthusiasm to get the strimmer out to sort out the garden

i wanted to share these lovely moodboards that i found on polyvore......not so typical of the kind of thing found on there, i just love the simplicity of them

preciousness by ladywimsey featuring Dries Van Noten accessories


i hope you have a lovely saturday

Tuesday, September 8

....and blue....x

*untitled *good morning weekend
*something blue *cinquefoil

whenever i feel blue i start to breathing again
l.frank baum writer of *the wizard of oz*

wishing you a lovely tuesday

Monday, September 7

....and purple....x

i think it pisses God off when you walk by the colour purple in a field and don't notice it
quote from *the color purple* alice walker

wishing you a perfectly purple monday

Sunday, September 6

*jasmine tea *oranges
*a garden party *cushions

orange is the happiest colour
frank sinatra

have a happy weekend

Friday, September 4

....and green....x

if i keep a green bough in my heart
then the singing bird will come
chinese proverb

wishing you a fabulous friday

Thursday, September 3

sagittarius x

moving to a new place will put a spring in your step. adventurers like you usually benefit from a change of scenery. if you've never owned a home, now is the time to put a deposit on a beautiful piece of property. seek out a home close to a river, pond, or lake. getting a glimpse of water on a daily basis will be good for your psyche. if you're short of cash, approach a male relative for help.
my horoscope for tomorrow.....

do you think that by reading your horoscope the day before there is a stronger chance of it coming true, as you live the day with these thoughts in your head?

i will keep you posted as to whether i do buy a home on the river.....xx

....and pink....x

this summer she wears her pink kimono
and she will walk under the pink blossoms of the pink sakura
she will carry a pink umbrella
and she will cross the pink bridge of kokoma

pink leaves on her feet
pink fingernails on her pink wooden shoes

in honour of her love
that never bloomed to complete red
she will sit on a pink bench
praying for pink clouds to drift
on the pink skies
poem by ric s bastasa

happy thursday

Wednesday, September 2

....and yellow....x

late last night i heard the screen door slam
and a big yellow taxi carried off my old man
don't it always seem to go
that you don't know what you've got till it's gone
they paved paradise to put up a parking lot

music *big yellow taxi*

happy wednesday

simple pleasures x

a little word from china....
when i am here i realise how much i take for granted, something simple as choosing whatever you want to eat for lunch, a simple cheese & cucumber sandwich, not the most exotic or exciting lunch in the world, but being somewhere where all the bread is sweet tasting, cheese is hard to find, and requests for cucumbers have been met with a blank look, my sandwhich today, is a little peice of luxury.....xx

Tuesday, September 1


red is the ultimate cure for sadness
quote from bill blass

happy tuesday