Wednesday, October 13

fryd+design x

beautiful on line magazine....can't quite remember if i talked about the first issue of fryd, but here we now are at the second......a real delight to virtually *flick* through....

{all images 2 by fryd}

the cold is still lingering
but on the plus side it's affording me plenty of sofa & *pinterest* time

every cloud.......


Monday, October 11

a is for autumn x

the season after summer and before winter, in the northern hemisphere from september to november:
the countryside is ablaze with colour in autumn

{all from etsy}

well the country may be ablaze with colour, but i am full of cold, after many weeks of staving off the bugs invading family & friends, crossed fingers that it goes as quickly as it came


Saturday, October 9

imagine x

today would have been john lennon's 70th birthday. too young for him to have had the impact that he had on others growing up with the music of the beatles, but you can't fail to be aware of the talent he had and the memory of him that never seems to fade.

there is a twitter campaign happening today, the target to tweet a million wishes for his birthday, and in a short while the *imagine peace tower* will be lit.....

bottom: image from *theguardian*


Tuesday, October 5

thursday night dinners x

even though it's only just turned october, have been thinking about christmas already, and this year i really want to make handmade presents & cards....i have this thought every year, and every year it gets to mid december, i go into freefall panic & still end up rushing around shops buying gifts, so maybe this {very} early thinking will finally give me a fighting chance of succeeding this year. have been talking to friends about get togethers for *crafty* days, which would be a lovely way of spending time & making lovely things at the same time.

a friend pointed me in the direction of *thursdays*, a website run by a group of friends who meet each thursday for dinner, crafting & girl time.....*thursdays* is where they share their recipes and crafts, and i love how they theme the dinners; from *lazy thursdays* to *elastic waistband thursdays*, and *cozy winters * and *post breakup thursdays*.......

{all images from thursdays}


Monday, October 4

shades of grey x

thinking of a new autumn wardrobe & love the shades of grey & damson at *plumo*......

{all images plumo}

love the shoes & that gorgeous dip dye dress
perfect with a pair of woolly tights & an oversized cardi

almost makes you look forward to the colder days


Sunday, October 3

knit 1 purl 1 x

have recently discovered knitting again, and now the nights are drawing in there's something cosy about sitting in the evening knitting away....especially with the chunky needles & yarn bought in portland last month.....i love the fact you can knit away & nearly finish a scarf or hat in a couple of evenings {great for those of us who don't have much in the way of patience!}

*rowan* has some lovely yarns, and have found some lovely {free} patterns on their website; i have my eye on some knitted cushion covers, a really cosy throw & that amazing rug with knitted flowers....gorgeous!

have had a really lovely weekend, the house is tidy, which always makes me feel more content, and now sitting with glass of red wine, looking forward to an interesting week at work

for now

Friday, October 1

places in portland {oblations} x

we stumbled upon *oblation papers&press* on our first day in portland, a wonderful stationery shop with a letterpress print shop on site. they had a wonderful selection of cards, a cute pair of birds to chat to and really friendly staff

it goes without saying that a small fortune was spent that day on cards, journals, and gorgeous embroidered wrapping paper......

{all images from oblation papers&press blog}

it has been the rainiest of days today
secretly wishing it rains all weekend & i can spend time curled up on the sofa watching old movies

Saturday, September 25

places in portland {ace hotel} x

a lovely sunny saturday today, which will hopefully last the rest of september....this time last week i was enjoying breakfast in the diner just next door to the *ace hotel*, where we stayed. the ace is such a cool hotel, with an old fashioned vintage atmosphere, and doors which actually lock with a key, such a complete novelty in this age of key cards that i managed to leave my room completely unlocked for the first day!

on the mezzanine floor of the ace is a small seating area with a beautiful cabinet full of drawers, & when curiosity got the better of us and we took a peek found them full of notes & letters from people that have visited the hotel; funny, sad, poignant, hopeful, silly, rude but completely fascinating......

{all photos from little winter market blog}

wishing you a lovely weekend whatever you choose to do

Friday, September 24

places in portland {flutter} x

a busy week since getting back from portland, but so glad we made the {long} trip & met so many lovely of my favourite shops was *flutter*, a gothic treasure trove of new & vintage finds, one of those lovely shops that feels like you're searching through someone's attic, with books, jewellery, vintage gowns, feather birds {2 lovely birds made it into the shopping basket}, wonderful party masks and so much more....

{all images from flutter}

take a peek at the wonderful shop if you get chance

looking forward to the weekend and catching up on some much needed i always sound slightly sleep deprived on this blog?

for now

Friday, September 17

vintage portland x

arrived in portland last night, and despite it being very dark, very late & very rainy. was very excited to be here. very lucky & staying at the *ace hotel*, which is, well, just ace!

first day of shopping today (we only have two & a little bit, so think we're going to be very busy!), but really hoping to pick up some gorgeous vintage finds.....a little bit like these below from *littlebyrdvintage* an etsy seller from portland....

have a wonderful friday

Sunday, September 12

autumn x

i don't think i'm alone in posting about the lovely new autumn fashions, but i think one of my favourite looks are from *freepeople*.......

busy day spent baking, now just taking a quiet moment before thinking about everything that needs to be done this week

i think it's going to be a busy week but i have a trip to look forward to at the end of the week....i'm lucky enough to be going on a trip to portland with my job. any suggestions of places to visit, to shop, to eat would be very much appreciated


Friday, September 10

carey mulligan x

beautiful shoot
carey mulligan for vogue

it's friday

busy {but fun} weekend ahead

Thursday, September 9


{both images from weheartit}


Monday, September 6

my vintage party x

i have found the most wonderful company, not too far from me, that hire out vintage crockery & accessories for teaparties & weddings. am slightly envious & can't believe that i've not thought of that as a business before.....what a wonderful job to have a genuine reason {not that not having a genuine reason has stopped me} for searching out & buying lots of vintage tea sets....

*my vintage party* also has the sweetest vintage caravan available for hire.....her name is lola & she's lucky enough to be furnished in cath kidston.....enjoy..x

{all images from my vintage party}

had a lovely day at home today
bathroom all installed & now just waiting for paint & all the fripperies
photos soon


Tuesday, August 31

a spot of tea x

really cute teabag wedding favours.....

love the red & white spots
really enjoying lots of cups of tea now i'm back in of the very best things about being home

Friday, August 27

end of summer x

lovely soft images from franciose rachez....they remind me of the colours of the end of summer, the promise of still warm days, soft colours blurring into autumn days....and jam making with summer fruit......

back home tomorrow
get to see my {nearly} finished bathroom

Tuesday, August 24

autumn roses x

autumn loveliness from cabbages&roses

i love the way their look books conjure up an image of living in a country house {bigger than a cottage, not quite a country manor} reading jane austen & the bronte sisters by open fires, & taking long walks through country lanes......

.....i guess summer is nearly over