Tuesday, October 5

thursday night dinners x

even though it's only just turned october, have been thinking about christmas already, and this year i really want to make handmade presents & cards....i have this thought every year, and every year it gets to mid december, i go into freefall panic & still end up rushing around shops buying gifts, so maybe this {very} early thinking will finally give me a fighting chance of succeeding this year. have been talking to friends about get togethers for *crafty* days, which would be a lovely way of spending time & making lovely things at the same time.

a friend pointed me in the direction of *thursdays*, a website run by a group of friends who meet each thursday for dinner, crafting & girl time.....*thursdays* is where they share their recipes and crafts, and i love how they theme the dinners; from *lazy thursdays* to *elastic waistband thursdays*, and *cozy winters * and *post breakup thursdays*.......

{all images from thursdays}



  1. I'm thinking about handmade christmas pressies already too! I found a book the other day called "Crafternoons" or something similar, which talks about this very same idea - craft get togethers with tea and snacks and a "theme". It had lots of suggestions for themes, including ones like "knotting" to get the boys involved (always difficult after a certain age ;o))

  2. a girlie after my own heart! handcrafted christams! i too set out with the best intentions and i think my present gift tags were about as hand made as i got last year! fail! not this year! i'm planning early this year too so if i see her i'll send the christmas craft fairy your way (after i've finished with her)xx


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