Friday, February 26

luxe manor....x

in hong kong
this is home for tonight

gorgeous morrocan lanterns & bronze & gold mosaic
make a beautiful reception

rooms with animal print carpet, embroidered armchairs
& trompe l'oeil fireplaces

it's lush

tomorrow we fly to tokyo & i can't wait
for now

Sunday, February 21

end of another weekend....x

how was your weekend? mine was quietish, tidyish, a bit of cooking, a bit of reading, snow that came & went.....

have a little case of bloggers block at the moment.....or rather too many lovely things seen, and too much indecision of what to write? will be going away next week, so hope to have lots of sights and sounds to share....

but for now....
a beautiful quote & simply lovely images
flowers from a boy
the cutest, but slightly scary, fairystory
the sweetest little birds

enjoy the rest of your weekend

Saturday, February 20

shopping list saturday......bugs & such x

there was an old lady that swallowed a fly
i don't know why she swallowed a fly....perhaps she'll die
nursery rhyme

today's shopping list pays homage to all things bug like

1899 butterfly print by holcroft

4x6 cicada pair by f2images

solstice by leavesandfeathers

dragonfly paperweight by wickedpen

a quiet saturday spent cleaning & looking out recipes to take to hk with me.....we've now got a house to stay in in china so can cook meals which will make such a difference to the, searching out lots of lovely pasta & rice recipes....

enjoy the rest of saturday

Thursday, February 18


want to know a secret?

matinee by abcdimages


Tuesday, February 16

pancake day....x

due to lack of a hob this year (surviving with microwave only until the kitchen is refurbished) pancakes are off the menu! such a shame as i loved pancake day as a dad made the best pancakes, and managed to make it such an event....

so, to everyone enjoying pancakes this evening.....

happy pancake day

pancakes from hannah[honey&jam]

that's all for now

Sunday, February 14

alexander mcqueen, take a bow.....x

i did my thesis on the theatrics of catwalk shows, so have always been interested in the spectacular of the shows that happen twice yearly, and i think it was these shows where alexander mcqueen really showed his true creativity.....not simply showing beautiful clothing, but presenting them in the most imaginative ways, far away from the simple runways we'd been used to before. i hate to use the word *genius* as i agree with many that it's too easy to bandy this word around, especially when in the early days of losing great talent, but it's undoutable that his talent transcended merely that of a great fashion designer, and i hope he will be remembered as the truly great artist he was

if you havn't seen the amazing shows he produced, take a few minutes to take a peek at these two...i promise they won't disappoint.....

weird science spring 99

hologram fall 06


Friday, February 12

r.i.p lee mcqueen....x

such sad sad news about alexander mcqueen

autumn&winter 2006 collection

*i'm 40 now, but i want this to be a company that lives way beyond me, and i believe that customers are more important in making that happen than press. when i'm dead, hopefully this house will still be going. on a spaceship. hopping up & down above earth*
alexander mcqueen


Monday, February 8

fabulous fendi....xx

gorgeously soft shades of white, chalk, moss & apricot
sculptured silhouettes
drapery, pleating & ruching

all images from

it's love

Sunday, February 7

can you believe....xx much young young talent there is out there? at 13 & 14 i was already interested in fashion & being creative, and i suppose i could use the excuse that the internet wasn't there when i was that age, but even still i'm not sure i would have been impressing the world with my photography or views on fashion as some do today. i think it's wonderful that there's outlets such as blogs & flickr, where the creative talent of teenagers can show itself....but also have to admit how envious i am of them! to be, or at least seem to be, that together at that age, blows me away....

of particular mention....
olivia bee
simply beautiful photography


fashion blogger wunderkind


i'd wish them luck, but somehow don't think they need it

enjoying a quiet sunday night, candles are lit & the roast is cooking

Saturday, February 6

paris windows....x

have had a busy but good week at work.....resulting in very very little blogging time....have finally had chance to download some of my paris photos, well the ones from my camera at least....there are more, but still working out how to download from my new phone!

lovely paris shop windows.....

this was such a lovely window
a gorgeous shift wedding dress of lace layered over a pleated chiffon dress
a mini me bridesmaid dress to match

the prada shop on rue saint honore was divine
stunningly simple beautiful clothing
and am in complete love with the new handbag range for spring10


i think this was fendi
well, whoever it was they had great windows...such fun
great icecream colour mopeds & bubble cars with brides falling out of them, over them, into them


my saturday is currently quite misty & rainy, but in a way i don't mind that
till tomorrow