Tuesday, July 20


feeling a little unsettled at the moment.....think it's the anticipation of so many nice things about to happen.....and particularly my new bathroom. after living with a very very bare shell of a bathroom for what seems like forever, it will be absolute heaven to have a gorgeously new & shiny bathroom to luxuriate in.....whilst most of the basics like the bathroom suite, flooring & tiles {and yes, treating myself to these beautiful, beautiful tiles as splashback to the sink} i can now start thinking of all those finishing touches....

....i don't quite have the room for the rolltop bath, but i love the colours and the light & airy feel this has, with gorgeous vintage touches.....lovely inspiration

bye bye for now

Sunday, July 18


spotted at *lovely clusters*......bunting for cake x

{cake buting *felicity* by kikilaru via etsy}

almost too cute

have not stopped all day, clearing out garage in anticipation of delivery of new bathroom suite
coming very very soon
very very excited

looking forward to the week ahead but please can we have a little more sunshine this week?


Saturday, July 17

a very chic shack....x

a holiday might not be on the cards this year, with car, bathroom & garden purchases, but if it was, and the weather in the uk turned just a little bit warmer, this *shack* would be high on the list....

{via vintage vacations}

don't you just love the mirrors, and the armchairs, and the bedspread, oh and the union flag curtains......


Friday, July 16

it's friday.....x

it's friday & i have a lovely day off car, after many, many, many miles is starting to fall apart, so after months of hesitating & procastination i'm spending the afternoon looking at cars. i have a tendancy to be quite silly around new cars, and despite all good intentions of taking my time, considering all the options, get easily seduced by the smell of new cars and end up signing on the dotted line.....we will see....

would love a really pretty vintage car, but the many miles i drive each week dictate something a little more sensible....but how cute is this, a pink car named bettie page.....x

{bettie page via audrey hepburn complex via weheartit}

have a lovely day

Tuesday, July 13


the british weather has turned cold & rainy, which in a way is a blessing as i'm immersing myself in the fall collections for work & drooling over gorgeous cable knit tights & chunky legwarmers, shearlings & cosy fur coats, which is so much easier to do when it's not 30 outside.....what i love most about the new collections is the new silhouette which is so ladylike & reminiscent of old time hollywood glamour....

....especially lovely is the louis vuitton collection by marc jacobs.....

....the shoes ~ divine heels....
....the dresses ~ so 1950's socialite....
....the bags ~ how could you choose just one....


Saturday, July 10


childhood summers were full of picnics....salmon sandwiches, salads of lettuce, cucumber & tomato, a camping kettle to brew tea, slices of homemade fruit cake & an apple, all packed into our picnic basket, which was more like a picnic suitcase....every sunny day would be a picnic day....

{1960's picnic via lotus feet via we heart it}

today was a perfect day for a picnic...

a trip to the farm shop to buy freshly baked bread, cheeses & hams, cherries & strawberries, a bottle of wine in the cooler bag, followed by an afternoon spent in the sun in the hills.....

with the promise of more sunny days i'm off to look for that perfect vintage picnic basket
{this one is winning at the moment.....vintage, cute, & with wine holders!}


Thursday, July 8

how does your garden grow.....x

i feel posh today as i now officially have a gardener! it was so nice to come home today & be able to see the garden once more, not just weeds & very very long grass......there is still a way to go before it's the cottage garden of my dreams, but it's moving in the right direction...


Tuesday, July 6

blooming frocks.....x

*a hymn to all things floral*

{all images from}

froth & frou frou
rouching & ruffling
pansies, tulips, orchids & daffodils


Monday, July 5


how perfect.....

a desert island....{but with a really comfy sofa}

{photos byt ditte isager}

desert island dream
peace & quiet
a glass of chilled white wine
a good book
a really good cupcake