Saturday, September 25

places in portland {ace hotel} x

a lovely sunny saturday today, which will hopefully last the rest of september....this time last week i was enjoying breakfast in the diner just next door to the *ace hotel*, where we stayed. the ace is such a cool hotel, with an old fashioned vintage atmosphere, and doors which actually lock with a key, such a complete novelty in this age of key cards that i managed to leave my room completely unlocked for the first day!

on the mezzanine floor of the ace is a small seating area with a beautiful cabinet full of drawers, & when curiosity got the better of us and we took a peek found them full of notes & letters from people that have visited the hotel; funny, sad, poignant, hopeful, silly, rude but completely fascinating......

{all photos from little winter market blog}

wishing you a lovely weekend whatever you choose to do

Friday, September 24

places in portland {flutter} x

a busy week since getting back from portland, but so glad we made the {long} trip & met so many lovely of my favourite shops was *flutter*, a gothic treasure trove of new & vintage finds, one of those lovely shops that feels like you're searching through someone's attic, with books, jewellery, vintage gowns, feather birds {2 lovely birds made it into the shopping basket}, wonderful party masks and so much more....

{all images from flutter}

take a peek at the wonderful shop if you get chance

looking forward to the weekend and catching up on some much needed i always sound slightly sleep deprived on this blog?

for now

Friday, September 17

vintage portland x

arrived in portland last night, and despite it being very dark, very late & very rainy. was very excited to be here. very lucky & staying at the *ace hotel*, which is, well, just ace!

first day of shopping today (we only have two & a little bit, so think we're going to be very busy!), but really hoping to pick up some gorgeous vintage finds.....a little bit like these below from *littlebyrdvintage* an etsy seller from portland....

have a wonderful friday

Sunday, September 12

autumn x

i don't think i'm alone in posting about the lovely new autumn fashions, but i think one of my favourite looks are from *freepeople*.......

busy day spent baking, now just taking a quiet moment before thinking about everything that needs to be done this week

i think it's going to be a busy week but i have a trip to look forward to at the end of the week....i'm lucky enough to be going on a trip to portland with my job. any suggestions of places to visit, to shop, to eat would be very much appreciated


Friday, September 10

carey mulligan x

beautiful shoot
carey mulligan for vogue

it's friday

busy {but fun} weekend ahead

Thursday, September 9


{both images from weheartit}


Monday, September 6

my vintage party x

i have found the most wonderful company, not too far from me, that hire out vintage crockery & accessories for teaparties & weddings. am slightly envious & can't believe that i've not thought of that as a business before.....what a wonderful job to have a genuine reason {not that not having a genuine reason has stopped me} for searching out & buying lots of vintage tea sets....

*my vintage party* also has the sweetest vintage caravan available for hire.....her name is lola & she's lucky enough to be furnished in cath kidston.....enjoy..x

{all images from my vintage party}

had a lovely day at home today
bathroom all installed & now just waiting for paint & all the fripperies
photos soon