Saturday, April 24

going home....xx

this trip has been a strange one.....i think mainly because of the strange situation everyone found themselves in due the icelandic volcanoe.....i have often been away from home & wished i were home, but have, luckily, never found myself in the situation where i couldn't actually get home even if i wanted.....i truly hope that all those left stranded have now found a plane, train or automobile back home, or at least have new plans to get there in the near, well i'm very grateful, for possibly the first {and most likely, only} time that i had already decided to extend my trip by a few days, and so will be able to board my plane tomorrow morning, and be home for sunday tea....a very welcome thought indeed....

{never have these words seemed more appropriate than this past week}

top {prettythings via flickr}

bottom {mrsoddles via weheartit}

have a wonderful weekend
see you on monday


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