Wednesday, April 14

missed connections....x

*missed connections* is a website that describes itself as a site which helps to improve the chances of you meeting your *missed connection*, that is anyone you've ever met, or just exchanged glances with, and want to get in touch with, but you don't have their contact details. it's a site with postings from all over, and a lot of the postings are sweet, funny, touching with a hint of melancholy & these people meet up...? do they fall in love & live happily ever after...?

i don't have the answers i'm afraid, but just to add a little more poignancy to these tales an artist, sophie blackall started to illustrate some of these messages and now has a blog of the same name....


  1. Beautiful illustrations..just adorable x

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for mentioning, I work on the site and the good news is we do reconnect people every day.

    There are thousands of people trying to reunite and we don't manage to help them all but we try and help enough of them to make it worthwhile.

    Our ongoing goal is to connect more and more people so thank you again for writing about us here, it helps us grow and achieve our goal.

    Kindest regards, Eliot

  3. I love Missed Connections and blogged about it earlier this year as one of my fav blogs to visit. Sophie captures the words perfectly in her drawings. I do wonder if anyone ever gets together on their search. It would be nice to know wouldn't it.

  4. oooh! lovely blog (L)

    xoxo, Cassie.


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