Sunday, June 20


we're more alike than either of us like to admit
he gave me my creative imagination
but also his temper & stubbornness

he also gives unconditional love
even when my stubbornness is causing a rift in our family

{image from beauty in everything via weheartit}

i hope he'll also give me his forgiveness

distance stops me giving my dad a big hug today but i think he knows that my love is unconditional & unwavering too

{forgive the sentimental posting today but missing loved ones birthdays & special days doesn't get any easier}

a gorgeous weekend to you all


  1. I feel like this post could have been written by me, down to the rift (except actually that my stubbornness + temper comes from my mom, hee) -- I'm not sure if I'm reading this right, of course, but if you ever want to chat, I'm so your girl. Virtual hugs to you + your fab dad!

  2. This story brought home to me the story a friend recently told me. What lovely words.


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