Monday, June 14

snapshots from hong kong...x

i love how hong kong is a huge city of contrasts....the high tech skyscrapers on central contrast with the older colonial buildings, and the rundown highrises with all that washing hanging out the window, precariously balanced on washing lines high above the city streets....the money & finance on central against the rag trade of sham shui po....i love the fact that the history of the city remains, traditions such as the star ferry and the trams, that on one street you can shop in dior & prada, yet turn a corner & happen upon a fish market & traditional stalls selling paper lanterns....

street signs in sham shui po
the star ferry
entrance to a market in tsim sha tsui

{all images by me}



  1. oh Sharon, i love this wee collection of snaps... the contrast is inspiring and i love the colours you've captured... those lovely muted reds against the aqua and grey shades... i just want to go and make something in these colours!
    a lovely day to you my dear... :)
    emma x

    ps ~ would you be interested in joining Pinterest? i can send you an invite if you do... :)

  2. hello my dear... :)
    thank you for your sweet comments over on my blog too!
    i'll need your e-mail to send you an invite for Pinterest, you can mail me at
    have a fabby day,
    emma x


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