Saturday, May 8

blue & white....x

i'm not quite sure where spring has disappeared to, but the weather feels more like march than's quite sad to look out of the window & see the beautiful blossom tree outside my house silhouetted against a grey sky full of rain clouds..... to shake the greyness lets look at lots of fresh blue & white, which always reminds me of summer days, blue skies and open windows....

top {stripeskirt by leifsdottir}{atlantabartlett}
middle {atlantabartlett}{toiledress by leifsdottir}
bottom {crossstitch bedlinen & aegean bedlinen by toast}

despite being curled up on the sofa huddling under a blanket, these make me wish for holidays on the med in whitewashed villas, & hot summer days with picnics in the park....well, one can dream.....


1 comment:

  1. I love the stripped skirt!! It's fantastic!!!!
    Thanks for inspiring!! Best, Connie


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