Monday, February 6


a weekend of snow, the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa & indulge in hot chocolate & good books. in one the story told of a woman who ran away from her early life, invented a new identity for herself & ran once again when that early life caught up with her. when she ran for the second time it was to venice, a city of tourists & strangers, the perfect city in which to lose you think people actually do this, run away & start again. when things look bleak, and the weather's as cold & miserable as it is today, the idea, i admit, is slightly tempting....

....i think it's a little too slushy out there to contemplate running away today, but i will leave you with this lovely, lovely animation, shared by li edelkoort.....

find out more here

for now


  1. hi blossom :) could you please give me the name of the book and the writer? i love the story line.

  2.'s so lovely isn't it? I'm not sure is it was ever a book, but the author/illustrator is William Joyce...his wiki entry is here & it does mention a book adaptation of the film due later in 2012...x

  3. it is lovely :)i even watched the clip twice!!...the thought of is brilliant!
    thank you for the link!


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