Friday, March 13

a field journal x

have found a lovely new blog today.......a field journal was tagged as a "blog of note" by blogger yesterday, and today i took a look
such a pretty blog, with beautiful photos.....the photos below are from a recent post called "laundry day & old things"

aren't they lovely? hope you have time to take a look for yourself
i'm in london for the weekend, hoping to catch up with exhibitions at the v&a and at the design museum, as well as seeing how many lovely shops i can cram in, oh, and would love to have time to visit the flower market on sunday....well, lets see how much i actually manage to fit in
hope you have something lovely planned for the weekend too x


thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love reading your thoughts on my thoughts so please scribble your comments here
take care, sharon x