Monday, March 2

memories of hong kong x

i always have mixed emotions about hong kong...
...on the one hand i love it's vibrancy, the seemingly endless shopping opportunities, the wonderful restaurants and bars and the people, who manage to amuse & confuse...

...on the other hand i struggle with the time difference, feeling tired & emotional most of the time, there's usually tears, drunk conversations that shouldn't be had, lonely conversations with yourself in the absence of anyone who speaks english, shouty conversations with poor souls who have to work with me in our chinese factory as i become worried about work deadlines

...i end up loving or hating my job, it's a place of such extremes, and i always think each trip will be my last - no logical reason for this, and up till now, it never has been.......

anyway, some mementoes of my trip, things i luv x

shopping & neon lights x

these were taken at the print factory we use & i love the colours

these factories appear the epitomy of disorganisation but they help produce clothes for some of the best known labels

stumbled across a bag shop in sham shui po and saw these gorgeous bags

they look vintage.... i couldn't resist at only 30hk$ each!

beautiful scissor boxes on the smallest scissor shop in sham shui po

something about them reminds me of looking through my mums sewing box when i was little

photos taken from the ferry, crossing from hong kong to china

hope your week is off to a lovely start x

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  1. la la love the flecks of bright pink and the buckets - you have a great eye for colour


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