Monday, March 30

bright week *fairground attraction* x

hello monday and a new week, a week of summertime.....well, the nights are lighter, now we just need a little more sun, pretty please?

this week is *bright week* hosted by the gorgeous blog concrete and honey. now my blog isn't the brightest on the block, especially over the last week or so, the tones have been a little muted and soft, so i thought this would be a good opportuntity to try something different. a couple of weeks ago my saturday shopping list was going to have a fairground theme, and i had lots of lovely photos saved as favourites on etsy, so this seems as good a time as any to share these with you all.......
all photos by bomobob on etsy

music *fairground* by holly taymar

take a look on concrete and honey & see lots more blogs taking part xx


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take care, sharon x