Saturday, March 21

shopping list saturday....perfect day x

my perfect saturday would be.....

waking up late to the sun streaming through the windows
windowlight by slgdesigns

a cup of fresh coffee
morning coffee by kristybee

deciding which pretty dress to wear
vintage blouse by kristybee

taking time out to read
stack of books by scissorpaperglue

go buy flowers......
pink by aliciabock

......lots of flowers
partly cloudy by kristybeebake a cake
or lots of cakes
cupcakes of happiness by unravelling
dance to favourite music......
put your records on by girlhula......while putting on your posh frock for a night out
music & moonlight by twistand feelonebliss

and dance till dawn in the most glamorous club in town
everything that was good by aliciabock
...oh, and also finding the time (and money) to buy all these beautiful photos from etsy.....x

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists.
hope your saturday is off to a enjoyable start & hope you've got lovely plans for mothers day....x


  1. You have gorgeous taste! All of those are on my wishlist too.

  2. Wonderful! I love the cupcakes and flowers. I totally have to get that cupcake print.

  3. Cakes and flowers, flowers and cakes...perfection!! Gorgeous, gorgeous choices! Love that chandelier print...

    Your poor Mum x

  4. what a beautiful collection of images


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