Saturday, May 30

shopping list saturday....a sunny day x

back in the garden again today
the sun is shining


today i will be

mowing the lawn
the old lawnmower by phototheresa

tidying the greenhouse
so i can plant tomatoes & lettuces & herbs
biodegradable seedling newspaper pots by rushofwings

deciding which flowers to plant in the garden
simple daisies
hello daisy by leaca

circle of life by kristybee

gorgeous hellebores
pale hellebore by littlebirdstudio

or blousy hydrangeas
linen hydrangea by littlebluebirdstudio

then i'll be doing the laundry
fresh laundry by jincabird

and lastly treating myself to delicious cupcake
sweet vanilla mini cupcakes by thecupcakemint

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope your saturday is just how you want it to be


  1. Beautiful shopping list, yummy cupcakes!

  2. Love your blog! You always make posts that inspire me and they are a real treat for the eye :)

    I have been tidying the greenhouse today and planted tomatoes and different herbs in there. The sweet-peas seeds are ready to be planted outside so i think that it something i am going to do tommorow, i really enjoy working in the garden. Gives me joy :)

    I wish you a wonderful sunday!
    Lots of hugs from Vibeke in Norway.

  3. thank you vibeke for such a lovely message..... sounds as if you had a very similar day to me

    hope you have a lovely day tomorrow planting your sweet-peas

  4. Oh wow what gorgeous pictures, and beautiful colours, they go so well with this lovely warm sunshine. Thanks for your lovely comments xx the curtain is mine...I think these cotton doilys must have been used by everyone one, on skirts and tablecloths all sorts of things..but I made this and I really love the way the light shines through can get them quite cheap at car boots, try it, it's fun xxxxxxx
    HAve a lovely Sunny Sunday
    Hugs Lynn xx

  5. This is a great shopping list! Wow!


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