Sunday, May 31

glamping x

glamping: luxury camping, boutique camping, camping in style

i have never had a great desire to go back to nature and go camping or caravanning
this beautiful weather does make you want to make the most of every moment outdoors
taking a look at these fantastically beautiful tents may make me change my mind

complete with floral bunting
vintage style radio
fur throws & floral cushions
tea lights, lanterns and fairy lights

jollydays luxury camping

hoping you've had a wonderful weekend


  1. So nice that you wrote some words back to me Sharon, loved to hear that you liked my blog to!
    I am not the camping type either but if i had the lovely tent and the "assesorices" on the pictures i certainly would change my mind also :)

    Warm hugs from sunny Norway,

  2. I'm off to suss out the jollydays site... I first heard of glamping on a podcast and it kind of takes my fancy.

  3. Hi, You are the lucky winner of my fabric blog giveaway, well done, you were picked by my son.
    drop me an email with your address and I shall get you fabrics shipped to you asap.
    Thanks again for entering. Enjoy your fabrics.
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