Sunday, May 24

cheers, beards and banjos x

there is a girl
living in the wheat fields of oklahoma
who fell in love with the country & morning light

miss lamb now has many other loves in her life
dresses, suspenders, kind men with beards, banjos
she lives at *the hollow tree*

and captures her life in the most beautiful

*endeavour and ever*

*a garden causes seeds to grow* * harmonicas and honey*
*better than a basket* *all the rest*

*green with words unsaid*

*the banjo that grew* *plum jam for a house*
*lull* *gracious in goodness*

*well versed*

*picnic tables and monarch afternoons*

miss lamb also likes to tell tales
the sea, the surge and the seamstress: a story about salt & morning

about a seamstress named astoria & a fisherman named liam

see her wonderful website here
see more photos there
read about her farm life here
listen to her tales of farm life there



  1. Love her work, very talented.
    Lovely post.

  2. Haven't been by here in a while. So I'm trying to get around to catching up on some of my peeps blogs. I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

    I love those images. They're so romantic and fresh. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. oohhh goodness gracious..... you are sweeter than honey strait from the hive my dear:) this made my day:)

  4. Blossom,
    thanks for sharing with us post like this!
    you made my day...monday is always hard but today you made me happy ...thanks
    hope you'll come to visit me...there something about you on my last post...

  5. These photos are beautiful, Miss Lamb is just precious too~ its always to see Oklahoma getting love because it is such a beautiful place to call home~

  6. Simply gorgeous! thanks for this post, just what I needed as it rains outside... Lovely! x

  7. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! Great post!

  8. Sam Lamb's work is so fantastic and her spirit so utterly kind! I found the most heart capturing photography on Etsy and had to find out WHO could capture such purity... and here she is!

    Her journal is so fun too!


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