Wednesday, December 16

eat, drink & be merry x

there's something so nostalgic about christmas food.....i suppose only to be expectedwhen so much of people's christmas is to do with traditions, whether they are general seasonal traditions or familial.

my mum always makes her own christmas puds which i absolutely adore and wish would last longer than they always do......i love turkey, but could quite happily skip it in favour of a big plateful of roast potato's and lovely veg & the ubiquitous stuffing.......leaving lots of turkey for my very very favourite turkey sandwiches, which have to be on the freshest of white bread with lots of homemade stuffing......mincepies - can happily take or leave them.....

i might start my own tradition this year, giving christmas cookies along with christmas cards.......i am quite taken with baking at the moment, and just love these christmas cookies from *canelle-vanille*

favors by canelle-vanille
via flickr

what a lovely treat to recieve


  1. I couldn't agree more...about the nostalgia and Christmas food...there are some things that my mother makes only at this time of year..and I wait for them with childlike anticipation. Old traditions meeting new the one you talked about...makes the season very bright! Denise

  2. Hoe lovely what a nice gift to receive.
    I love your pressie from Dottie Angel too
    HUgs Lynn xxx


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