Tuesday, December 15

dear santa.....x

letter to santa by embem30
via flickr

.....i've tried my hardest to be good this year, and whilst i havn't always succeeded the intentions have been there. my list this year is short & sweet.....
*a year free(ish) of aches and pains for my mum & especially my dad
*a lovely long hot english summer
*time spent at home with friends & family

oh, and if it's not too much trouble & you have room in your sack, a few gift vouchers for *anthropologie* would never go unappreciated or unspent......

love from me xx


  1. I found your blog via "Sweet As Candy" and I must say I am glad! What a wonderful blog you have...glad to have found you..and I will be back! Glad tidings to you! Denise:}


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