Wednesday, December 2

advent x

the start of christmas.......

did you open the first door of your advent calender yesterday?
do you think that branded & character chocolate advent calenders are now so commonplace that they are now the traditional calender, or, as i'm hoping, with our return to handmade & homemade values they might slowly diminish in popularity? i'm not sure, but if i was to think about having an advent calender this year, this one is top of the list......

advent buckets by sage
via *notonthehighstreet*

buckets to be filled (and then refilled next year) with small treats

have a days holiday from work today
to be filled with xmas shopping
baking cupcakes, lemon shortbread & mini mincepies
a little more cleaning
making xmas cards

a busy but fun day


  1. Love the adventbucket, and it sounds great to have a days holiday from work! Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful picture!
    I have the day of too,and wish yoy a creative and wonderful day.

    :) from me


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