Saturday, June 6

shopping list x

a friend is in paris this weekend and i know she will be visiting the flea markets there....i'm a little jealous, so, my shopping list this week is a collection of things that remind me of paris and the lovely things you can find at the vintage markets....x

the eiffel tower
paris lace from jacqleenbleu

old paris postcards from nostalgem

toujours paris necklace from poeticdesign

vintage haberdashery
drawstring pouch from 5dollarfrenchmarket

seam binding from 5dollarfrenchmarket

vintage key necklace from 5dollarfrenchmarket

paris market no.3927 by kariherer

there is a lovely blog written by pia jane bijerk, an australian living between sydney, paris and a houseboat in amsterdam. she is a stylist and has written a really sweet little book......*paris:made by hand*.....a collection of paris artisans and studio boutiques, boutiques selling art, buttons, ribbons, homeware, so many lovely things.......find out more here..

to see more of my favourite paris things look here..

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

after a week of sunshine it is now raining, so being in paris this weekend would have been fun. as it is i'm looking out a lawns that need to be mowed, tomato plants ready to go in the greenhouse, growbags ready to be planted with lettuce......hoping for sunshine again tomorrow

hope your saturday is just how you want it to be


  1. I'm jealous of your friend too! I am desperate to go to the Paris flea markets!
    pretty pics too! xxx

  2. I miss Paris, I've been there for a couple of days just few month ago. Paris is sooo beautiful!

  3. Oh Gay Paris, now sadly the other side of the world from me, but im fortunate enough to have visited on many occasions, and lucky that my boys have seen the Eifel Tower too. Beautiful city, i can smell the coffee aroma now................ ahhhh!


  4. i have never been
    feel like I made a quick trip here

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