Tuesday, June 9

drive away x

idea for holiday #1

hire a really sweet vw camper van
vw camper van hire from o'conners campers

i am so in love with the white tablecloth, cute little vase of flowers
all those tea lights

drive to one of our lovely seaside towns
(ps. great article here on britains 10 best secret beaches)
(pps. guess they may not be so secret now)

must have really cute beach huts
beach huts by unravelling
via flickr

then eat lots of icecream whilst
in the sunstrawberry & vanilla ice cream floats by cannelle-vanille
via flickr

i remember going on holiday to devon when i was a child
buying a new enid blyton secret seven or famous five book
looking forward to icecream floats in lyme regis

happy memories


  1. I so want that van. Not only because there isn't carpet on the walls but because they made it so feminine. LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Sharon,
    I was searching for blogs that would inspire me with photographs and I found yours! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'll be checking in for inspiration! I enjoy books also so I'm trying to figure out how to add the library link you have :). Have a great day!

  3. I love VW vans! Would just have to hope the weather was a bit better than today though. Although camping in the rain can be fun too, so typically British!

  4. What a lovely blog you have:-))
    VW van...I would love to have one..
    Best day to you from Randi

  5. i am so happy to see this post ...not this year maybe next...your site is so nice blossom!

  6. Great VW van. love the pics and your thoughts! Stop by anytime - you won an award.

  7. aaaw i love camper vans!! my holidays by the seaside were always Bournemouth, next to the colourful beach huts! I love this post! xx

  8. Delicious post!!

    Couldn't resist passing on this Lovely Blog award to you. xx


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