Thursday, April 30

umbrella etiquette x

inspire me thursday....umbrella x

amazing photo by philip newton

umbrella etiquette

when disembarking from public transit, one should keep their umbrella holstered until such a proper time as it may be safely wielded without impeding the general progress of fellow passengers

ensure the umbrella you carry is of good craftsmanship. it should not have any broken spikes as this could be hazardous to passers-by

hold your umbrella at an adequate height above your head. a good rule of thumb is to keep the bottom of the handle at shoulder level

though swordlike, umbrella's are not weapons; they should not be treated as such. do not engage in fencing, jousting, or any other manner of swordplay or horseplay with an umbrella. please practice your swordsmanship using actual swords

quotes from umbrella etiquette

wishing you all an inspirational (and hopefully sword less!) thursday


  1. I'm really bad for keeping my umbrella at an adequate height. My comfortable holding height seems to be everyone else's eye level! >_<

  2. This is wonderful- thanks for sharing the beautiful photo and etiquette rules- I love it!

  3. love that umbrella. i wonder how heavy it is? umbrella etiiquette, who knew? fun stuff

  4. Lovely post, and very funny. You wouldn't believe how many times I have had to practice my dodging moves to get out of the way from deadly umbrellas. Next you should post about the etiquette of "sharing an umbrella". That can be quite tricky too lol.


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