Saturday, April 4

shopping list saturday....time x

one of my favourite books is "the time traveller's wife".....if you've not read it yet, try it, it's a sweet, unusual love story. the author, audrey niffenegger, is also an artist and has also published two illustrated books, "the three incestuous sisters" and "the adventuress", i'd describe them as grown up fairytales, darkly beautiful tales of love, loss & redemption....

my shopping list this week is inspired by the element of time.....x

retro 1960's clock by modhuman

wasted time by sixhours

"long ago, men went to sea, and women waited for them, standing on the edge of the water, scanning the horizon for the tiny ship. now i wait for henry. he vanishes unwillingly, without warning. i wait for him. each moment that i wait feels like a year, an eternity. each moment is as slow and transparent as glass. through each moment i can see infinite moments lined up, waiting. why has he gone where i cannot follow?"

time by kristinasurin

i can make time stand still by salchichatu

"i wish for a moment that time would lift me out of this day, and into some more benign one"

334 by downanddirty

eight thirty two by nebulus

"it's dark now and i am very tired. i love you, always. time is nothing"
all quotes from the time traveler's wife
the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists
hope your saturday is off to a sunny start & hope you've got lovely plans for sunday....x


  1. Great list! I just spent yesterday shopping for a watch and clock for my mom, so I have had "time" on my mind.

  2. this seems like an interesting book! i love the quotes! i'm going to look it up! x

  3. oh my goodness there's a movie on it! andddd it has rachel mcadams from the notebook! it must be good :D

  4. another comment, i MUST read this book... and then watch the movie -

    have a great weekend


  5. such a unique list. I really enjoyed that book too:)

  6. I love the time travelers wife. It's on my top 5 list.

  7. i'm really hoping the film will be good - the initial shots from the shoot look lovely & rachel mcadams does this kind of role really well - just bought "the notebook" on dvd last week, which i just love!

    thank you for all the lovely comments xx


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