Saturday, March 24

saturday x

{photos by me}

my saturday
enjoying the glorious sunshine, shopping at the local farmer's market, mowing the lawn, tidying the garden, & now an ice cold glass of wine

sharing some links from lovely places
~ newspaper disguised as a stick of rock ~
~ a wonderfully generous post form tulips and flightsuits ~
~ always running late? this watch gives you the perfect excuse ~
~ a treasury perfect for a sunny afternoon ~
~ leather & lace loveliness ~
~ gorgeous recipes from sweet paul for easter ~

have a lovely weekend
i hope the sun shines for you all

for now

1 comment:

  1. the first pic is what my bulbs looks tulips are in red and pink bloom...and my yellow narcissus are gorgeous under the sun...i <3 spring!
    another great links :)


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