Wednesday, January 4

thoughts of spring x

it's so cold & here in the uk the weather is wet & so very windy & it's hard to believe that spring will ever be arrive, so while we're waiting lets indulge in some lovely whimsical images...

starting to think about the garden & trying to decide what fruit & vegetables to plant & {try to} grow...any suggestions?

for now

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  1. dear blossom:
    i suggest the following arrangement for both of about we switch countries and don't know how i wish for rain here...our winters are windy and sunny...but no rain nor snow :(
    as for your garden...i would recommend a kind of a herb garden...i have one and it smells and tastes great in the summer...i grow mint, basil, rosemary,thyme...they are easy to grow and just great on salads, pasta, chicken..yummmyyyyy!!!


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