Wednesday, January 25

down to business x

i am thinking of setting up my own business at the moment....a very scary proposition, but at times no scarier than the thought of going back to work for other people. do you think everyone reaches a point where they can no longer think of being an employee or do you think this is peculiar to people who work in creative environments....sometimes you want to dictate the pace & direction of your creativity, not feel as if you're strolling along in someone else's footprints?

anyway...thoughts of a new business led to a few delicious hours spent wandering around several websites in search of inspiration for lovely business cards, something that will make me stand out from the crowd, something that people want to keep. cardonizer had an amazing selection of business cards, some were so creative, although a little out of my league at the moment as first ones will be handmade. oh, hello friend, a blog which is always so inspiring, had some lovely examples, & gave me plenty of ideas. here are some of my favourites...


  1. I set up my own business just 18 months ago and can highly recommend it! You go girl!!! (oh, and check out and too!) all the best hon x

  2. I too have set up my own little business in the last few weeks. although I am keeping my other job a few days/week, just for security for now. Go for it I say. It's feel great and gives you ownership of how and when and where you choose to work. good luck! Jane x


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