Sunday, March 21


i have always loved visiting liberty in london.....could spend hours walking around the fabrics & haberdashery departments, spending money on 10cm of favourite prints....they must be somewhere still, as there isn't that much you can do with 10cm of fabric! it seems to be the print story of the paris liberty prints were everywhere, and this month they've launched collaborations with both target & merci...

liberty prints really say spring & summer to me....and by the way, the 20th march was the official start of spring, so hopefully we can start to put away the winter woolies and bring a little fauna & flora into our lives....

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off to find those scraps of liberty fabrics to make some of those really sweet butterfly clips...


  1. I lived in London most of my life and I remember the first time my aunty took me to Liberty. I must've been about 7 years old. And I adore it still. HEAVEN!


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