Sunday, March 28


bought my first daffodils of the year today, on this very first day of british summer time. they are now sitting on my windowsill, my two bunches for the price of one now artistically arranged (crammed into!) in a jamjar....

lovely spring images by annika vannerus via johner

i'm sure today would have been a great day to go visit the garden centre & then spend the day tidying & prepping the garden, but instead i've enjoyed a lazy sunday watching *sex and the city* back to back, planning easter cupcakes to make next week and playing with/trying to work out my lovely new *diana f+ edelweiss camera....maybe the garden next weekend?

for now xx


  1. Sk√łnt med for√•rsbilleder.
    Hav en dejlig mandag.

  2. Beautiful photos! Jam jars make the perfect vases and I love the idea of plants in mini terracota pots as table decorations (sorry i'm in wedding planning mode!)


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