Wednesday, February 18

my bags are packed.....x

vintage suitcases , by suzanneduda

i'm off again.....this time to hong kong. it's probably worth me mentioning this is a work trip, as was La - unfortunately i'm not a fabulously wealthy woman who just takes off around the world as & when the mood takes her.....mores the pity!

i'm lucky enough to have visited hong kong many times over the past 5's such a fab place, with a strange sense of the familiar, having many british traits as a knock back from being a colony, but also being completely alien, with a language that i will never make any sense of, no matter how many times i visit.

i've never really taken the time to take photos of hong kong, but as i now have this blog i have my camera at the ready and am going to make more of an effort to get out & about so i can show the many different facets of hong kong.

hope your week is going well...will return on friday from the other side of the world
take care x


  1. oh how i love old cases...

  2. Oh u lucky lady - looking forward to seeing some photos - have fun! x


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